Project Development Meeting (IF 4.31 10:00 - 12:00) - Agenda 2012-07-04

1. Minutes of last meeting

The minutes of the last meeting are here: DevelopmentMeetingMinutes-2012-06-06.

2. Matters arising

Update on actions from last meeting.

  • Virtualised DICE
    • Fork two projects: to address "staff" local desktop usage to run some kind of sub-DICE; to address DICE anywhere by VM (laptops and at home) and DICE anywhere by FreeNX (for IS labs as VM is not a solution here) but need academic confirmation of actual goal. First one done, second pending on discussion with Stuart. Just a project to cover FreeNX and tidy all these projects up. [Action Alastair/Iain]
  • Redevelop User Documentation
    • All units to bring documentation projects to implementation. [Action All Units]
  • Prometheus: enable account lifecycle
    • Chase. Alastair chased without response. Will take the more general issue of University owned data being held solely on personal machines to CCPAG. [Action Alastair]
  • Account reconciliation
    • Activity report to include a countdown on remaining to go. [Action Alison]
  • Web search front end to package repository
    • Enhancements suggested were clickable links, using pre around package descriptions, listing i586, search that lists by group. [Action Roger]
  • Review roles mechanism
    • Add a milestone for producing the report. [Action Roger]
    • Link in wiki discussion page to project description. [Action Roger]
  • The Perl-AFS module is becoming a significant blocker now to many SL6 upgrades (specficially in Services, Infrastructure and MPU). Need to raise the priority of fixing this with MPU. [Action Alastair]
  • The following projects were signed-off: Move www.inf to new technology, Deployment of TiBS to self managed machines. Take to CEG for ratification. [Action Tim]
  • Evaluating UniDesk
    • Write final report. [Action Alison]
    • Publish evaluation report to CCPAG and link report into computing plan as evidence for decision to not migrate. [Action Alastair]

3. Approved Projects

See Activity with annotated comments from meeting.

4. Project Status Changes

None as yet.

5. New Proposed Project

None as yet.

6. System Blog Articles

  • Prometheus - Toby
  • TiBS - Craig


-- TimColles - 08 Jun 2012

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