Project Development Meeting (IF 4.31 10:00 - 12:00) - Agenda 2011-02-02

1. Minutes of last meeting

The minutes of the last meeting are here: DevelopmentMeetingMinutes-2010-12-01.

2. Matters arising

Update on actions from last meeting.

  • Forum Information Display Screens
    • Who will manage content. Alastair will raise with Liz. Alastair has raised with Liz who will decide who will take responsibility for the screens. [Action Alastair]
  • AV facilities
    • Arrange purchase of earpiece to check operation of induction loops. Scott has ordered an earpiece. [Action Alison]
  • Hadoop cluster
    • Tim to schedule meeting with Stuart to discuss managing course requirements. [Action Tim]
  • All units to link final project reports to the list at FinalProjectReports. [Action all units]
  • Revisit account management
    • Refine the existing project and the Prometheus enhancement project wrt. deliverables [Action George]
    • Create a new project to deal with migration to new database feeds [Action George]
    • Create a new project to enable account lifecycle (inc deletions) [Action George]
  • Final stages of commodity WCMS work
    • Someone other than Neil to attempt a restore using Neil's documentation [Action Craig]
  • AV facilities
    • Update milestones [Action Alison]
  • Transition from NFS to AFS
    • Prepare for signoff [Action Craig]
  • Provision of new Networker server
    • It was agreed that we should abandon this project as it is unlikely that we should need to restore many files from the old networker backups. Craig to kill project off [Action Craig]
  • Improvements in mirror management
    • Neil to add nagios monitoring to requirements doc [Action Neil]
  • Development of a backup strategy for Informatics
    • All to read circulated document and provide any feedback to Craig [Action all]
  • Implement print quotas via Pcounter
    • It looks like this project is not viable. Alastair and Craig to discuss alternative approaches and propose a new project [Action Alastair/Craig]
  • Hadoop cluster
    • Prepare for signoff [Action Chris]
  • Course in a Box
    • Distribute requirements document [Action Roger]

3. Approved Projects

See Activity with annotated comments from meeting.

4. Project Status Changes

5. New Proposed Projects

6. AOB

-- TimColles - 28 Jan 2011

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