Project Development Meeting (IF 4.31 10:00 - 12:00) - Agenda 2010-09-01

1. Minutes of last meeting

The minutes of the last meeting are here: DevelopmentMeetingMinutes-2010-08-04.

2. Matters arising

Update on actions from last meeting.

  • CUPS needs a service catalogue entry. Project completion also requires a switch to using the IS cups component, upgrade to the newest version of cups and some configuration moved out of live headers. [Action Gordon] TBD
  • Cluster Parallel Filesystem
    • Take to CEG for final ratification. [Action Tim] DONE
  • F12 DICE Desktop
    • Add milestones/bugzilla for individual services (DICE environment, printing, Cosign, etc). Two thirds done. [Action Iain] TBD - No longer necessary?
  • Forum Information Display Screens
    • Who will manage content, Alastair to raise at Building Committee. [Action Alastair] TBD
  • Wallet Implementation
    • Check if wildcard patch can go upstream. [Action Ian] DONE - Alternative Solution Upstream
  • OpenVPN
    • Take to CEG for final ratification. [Action Tim] DONE
  • Wallet implementation
    • Add resource used figures to final report [Action Ian] DONE
  • LCFG installroot
    • Update milestones. [Action Alastair] NOT DONE
  • Revisit Account Management
    • Update milestones. [Action Toby] DONE
  • LCFG Core Refactoring
    • Update milestones. [Action Stephen] NOT DONE
  • School Database Revamp
    • Add link in devproj entry to internal project milestones page. [Action Graham] DONE
  • AV facilities
    • Arrange purchase of earpiece to check operation of induction loops. [Action Alison] TBD
  • Wallet Implementation
    • Create follow-on project for keytab support. [Action Ian] DONE
  • Server Hardware Interaction
    • Add supporting other RAID controller models to MPU action list. [Action Alastair] TBD
  • Provision of new Networker server
    • Update milestones. [Action Gordon] DONE
  • Deploy TiBS to self managed machines
    • Add a documentation milestone and update other milestones. [Action Gordon] DONE
  • DICE F12^h3
    • COs to upgrade own desktops to F13. [Action all] TBD - Most Done?
    • Create F13 release notes for users. [Action Iain] DONE
  • Move www.inf to new technology
    • Update milestones. [Action Neil] DONE
  • A decision on whether to continue with zope/plone, or deploy drupal, is required soon. It is holding up the Documentation project. [Action Craig] DONE - Decision Meeting Scheduled

3. Approved Projects

See Activity with annotated comments from meeting.

4. Project Status Changes

5. New Proposed Projects

6. AOB

-- TimColles - 26 Aug 2010

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