Project Development Meeting (IF 4.31 10:00 - 12:00) - Agenda 2010-03-03

1. Minutes of last meeting

The minutes of the last meeting are here: DevelopmentMeetingMinutes-2010-02-03.

2. Matters arising

Update on actions from last meeting.

  • There are redundant fields in project descriptors. They should be simplified. Propose a simplified format. Should also look at IS basic project management templates and consider something that they might be able to use as well. Will try to start something this month. A project entry has been created for this.
  • Alastair will discuss automated ACL management for shared folders on staffmail with Chris Adie. [Action Alastair]
  • George needs comments on and requirements for logging from other Units. Some returns, George will pester for more. [Action George]
  • Issues raised in Ian's documentation review paper will be discussed at the 9th December operational meeting. Was discussed.
  • Craig/Neil will add in architecture design and consideration of resilience and offsite mirrors to the "Future Direction of Main Informatics Web service" project. [Action Craig]
  • Craig to raise a bug report with Teradactyl wrt. the issue with the TiBS shutdown script killing all processes with "tibs" in their name. Done
  • Alastair will add a service entry for the Package submission service to the service catalogue. Done.
  • Alastair to add realistic dates to Implement self-managed support strategy project. Done.
  • Roger will add a service entry for the TWiki service to the service catalogue. Done.
  • Alastair/Alison to flesh out Communication with users project. Done.
  • MPU to consider how we can automatically pre-populate Bugzilla for the RHEL6 porting exercise. Only needed for LCFG/INF -> DICE tracking. Added onto MPU list.
  • Publish TODO list and timeframe for deployment of Prometheus. [Action Toby]
  • Consider whether Audio Capture should be part of A/V facilities project. [Action Alastair/Alison]
  • LCFG inf level port to Fedora 12 - Iain will look at mock. [Action Iain]
  • Produce Backup Strategy - The project description needs Archiving added to the proposal, as well as effort estimate and milestones. Done
  • Deploy TiBS to Self Managed Machines - The project description needs effort estimate and milestones. Done
  • Redevelop User Documentation - The project description needs much more detail on how it will be done, effort estimate and milestones. [Action Alison]
  • Provision of new Networker server - The project description should include a first step which is an evaluation stage. This should consider alternative options to using old Sun hardware - such as new Sun hardware (better energy and cheaper maintenance), latest Solaris, an Intel Windows PC (there is a version of Networker for this) or a virtualised solution. Also needs an effort estimate and milestones. Done
  • Wallet Implementation - The project description should include a first step which is an evaluation stage. This should consider whether Wallet is the correct and/or only suitable technology. Also needs an effort estimate and milestones. [Action Ian]
  • Replacement of LPRng with CUPS - Some small refinements remain and will be tracked at CEG before ratification. [Action Tim]
  • CUPS needs a service catalogue entry. [Action Gordon]

3. Approved Projects

See Activity with annotated comments from meeting.

4. Project Status Changes

5. New Proposed Projects

6. AOB

-- TimColles - 12 Feb 2010

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