Please fill in actual activity for Last Month (July) and intended activity for This Month (August) for projects you are responsible for. For reference, the intended activity recorded for July is included where an entry had been made (it is considered unhelpful to alter this to match what actual activity was :). It is acceptable to change devproj milestones as part of this process, however if you do please indicate that you have done so below, for example by adding a Change of Plan bullet point, so that the meeting is alerted to the changes.

  • Webmark Reform
    • July:
    • Last Month: scant development but plenty of planning and discussion
    • This Month: much more development

  • School Database Revamp: Phase 1B & 2B
    • July: Start Stage 3 diff checks, including system catalog load and sync testing.
    • Last Month: Very little.
    • This Month: System catalog load and sync tests have been started, so continue with this. After some repository re-configuration the first part of the new processes can now get brought into service in parallel with the old processes.

  • Windows 7 Upgrade
    • July:
    • Last Month: school office continue to use IS filespace as alternative to AFS space
    • This Month: write report

  • VM / cloud options survey
    • July:publish draft act on results
    • Last Month:incorporating suggestions
    • This Month: finish incorporating and publish survey

    • July: Meet with David Richardson & Angus Stewart-Liddon (Edinburgh Research and Innovation) for final analysis. Prepare final report.
    • Last Month: Sent targeted reminder for ISDD to staff, emphasising requirement to publish or advertise software. Didn't meet, but survey (Informatics) results received. Final report in preparation.
    • This Month: Try and arrange meeting to discuss results. Finish final report.

  • Streaming Media Service Requirements
    • July: Complete draft report document.
    • Last Month: Draft report in preparation, although John Lee now says he needs RTMP (which makes Darwin a less than universal solution). Configured alexandria.inf + RAID array to host (backup copy of) AIAI media data (to make AIAI data more robust). Darwin Streaming Server test install on
    • This Month: Complete draft report document and check with users. Meet with Austin to arrange media data copying.

  • Lifecycle code design
    • July: Get code into state it can be submitted for code-review. Do some testing of code on test prometheus server.
    • Last Month:
    • This Month:

  • Investigate AFS on ECDF storage
    • July: See about ECDFs access, and try to get ZFS going.
    • Last Month: Test GPFS partition on crocotta. Waiting to hear about access to ECDF kit.
    • This Month: Access to ECDF. ZFS investigations.

  • Review of OpenLDAP DICE client configuration
    • July: Document the current setup and propose changes.
    • Last Month: Not much progress. The changes proposed are to move to a standard client/server model for LDAP, and to use StartTLS (based on an Inf root certificate, and with all certificates in the chain examined) for all interactions in order to guarantee data correctness. This all needs thorough testing. Anybody not happy with a move to a standard client/server model for LDAP - for whatever reasons - should voice their concerns now.
    • This Month:

  • LCFG client refactor - code cleanup
    • July: Finish API documentation. Finish tests. Write up final report.
    • Last Month: Finished API docs.
    • This Month: Finish test suite. Write up final report.

  • Replace CVS with SVN on www.inf
    • July: Produce planning document for future implementation if blocked, or arrange switchover schedule if not.
    • Last Month: Draft of planning document (including policy on Attic files, mechanisms to replace CVS avail file, &c)
    • This Month: Finish planning document, confer with RaT on removal of DB-generated stuff from CVS (potential block of project).

-- TimColles - 05 Aug 2013

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