Action from DevelopmentMeetingAgenda-2016-08-03

Searching through the CGI scripts in (wafer:/liveroot/cgi) for mentions of file paths with AFS or /group/... revealed the following.

These three look like ones that may need to be looked at if ITO/ISS group areas are moving to Datastore:

  • ito/ucas_form.cgi - writes to /afs/
  • ito/visit_form.cgi - writes to /group/admin/ito/sharedarea/ucas_registration_forms/
  • ito/futureplans_form.cgi - writes to /group/admin/ito/sharedarea/future_plans/

These 3 also reference ITO shared areas, but the areas themselves no longer exist. This may mean that they are/were test CGIs; that they are no longer in use; or that they are still in use, but will be broken the next time someone tries to use them.

  • ito/scratch_submit_form.cgi - writes to /group/admin/ito/sharedarea/scratch_submissions/ - which no longer exists.
  • ito/seven_ideas.cgi - writes to /group/admin/ito/sharedarea/outreach/forms - which no longer exists
  • ito/scr.cgi - writes to /group/admin/ito/sharedarea/scratch_submissions/ which no longer exists

And just for completeness, the only other CGI that references AFS or /group paths is the following:

  • iss/contact.cgi - opens files for reading from /afs/

but that doesn't look like it would be affected by ITO/ISS moves to Datastore.

-- NeilBrown - 05 Aug 2016

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