Development Meeting Management Software

Requirements Capture Exercise

Please add any requirements for this software system that you would like to be taken into account when selecting/creating software to manage the work of the Development Meeting.

  • Should be able to hold editable data in a structured format
  • Should be able to link to other documents/URLs. Should be able to take and hold copies of external documents to preserve them in case the external copies change or are deleted.
  • Data held should include
    • priority
    • stage
    • list of milestones for stage 7
    • deadlines for stages and milestones
    • next milestone
    • comments
    • I think there should probably be some way of recording effort spent on the project (paul)
    • (what else?)
  • Should be editable from a standard DICE machine/laptop. Should be editable from any standard platform, and from outside of the University network.
  • Should allow authenticated users to make comments on the projects, those comments being stored with the data for the corresponding project.
  • Capable of identifying late projects/missed deadlines
  • Capable of generating set of projects by stage
  • Should have a general query mechanism
  • Should be easy for data entry and reporting
  • Could have an RSS feed

-- KenDawson - 07 Jul 2006

In reference to Paul's comment about "some way of recording effort spent on the project". I agree with this, but would like it to be linked to a more general purpose time monitoring system.

Personally I'm hopeless at trying to remember what sort of time I spent last week on things, so I need to note it down as and when I do it. I don't scribble it down on paper, as I'd never then copy it online.

Currently I have a permanent emacs window open, where I note the time I switch tasks, a rough description of what I'm doing, and then a broader category. I've then a script that processes this weekly, that I then bombard Craig with smile

I've long wanted something simpler that could potentially feed into some DB, that would allow dynamic web pages of where my time is being spent. I've a fairly good mental picture of how I see it working, and I could see that if others COs used it, it could be tied to the Dev. meeting project software. So that people could see a live version of how things were progressing (or not!), without the need for people to take time out to update pages saying what they've been doing.

I'd like to spend the time mocking something up, or at least drawing some doodles and fleshing out a description, but I just haven't had the time. And of course not everyone will want to work like me, perhaps I'd be the only one, and so it wouldn't be worth the effort. However, if the basic idea of interfacing a CO time record with the project management software is accepted, then perhaps we could create multiple ways for people to record their time, in which ever way they preferred to work.

This may also help with the recent Research Computing Support document that Tim and Steven published. So that research groups can see how much of their allocated effort has been expended.

Neil -- NeilBrown - 11 Sep 2006

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