The Demos server is a largely moribund service from which Java / Tomcat web demos could be served. Most of the demos themselves were discontinued or moved to dedicated hosting, however some remain and are not as automatically managed as more modern services. Data is still being backed up.

The individual services used to be user-managed but as users have left this has largely been replaced by instructions for starting or restarting individual services stored in the relevant services' data directories.

This page is designed to list those services which remain, along with maintenance instructions for them.

WebCAT -

According to records on the machine this service was last started in 2010 so assumed discontinued.

This is a Tomcat service running as the user timc to be re-started manually if the server reboots. The directory tree is at /disk/dbdata/webcat. To restart on reboot see /disk/dbdata/webcat/README.

-- TimColles - 07 Jan 2009

HMM Bach -

This is a Tomcat service currently running as the user timc and is configured by cron (stored locally, not via LCFG) to start automatically. However if this breaks or a manual restart is required, please follow the instructions in /disk/dbdata/hmmbach/README.

(update, June 2016 -- it's not clear why this was set to manual start, experimenting with crontab @reboot now - see profile)

-- GrahamDutton - Jul 2014

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