A working example on how to delete LCFG profiles, either when disposing of equipment or converting a DICE machine to self-managed. Replace "briggitenau" with your machine name.

Remove any mac locks

Firstly, make sure to remove any mac lock from any of the network switch files. Search on the relevant site (edge, atnet, bayesnet)

[algaida]carol: rfe -xf edge/briggitenau

Delete the profile, and archive it

Old method was using rfe, now SVN needs to be used - https://wiki.inf.ed.ac.uk/DICE/LCFGSourceProfiles

Usually we want to archive the old profiles which gives us the option to examine the history at some later date if needed. In that case just move it into the profiles-archive directory. Note that this is at the same level as the profiles directory in the live tree (it's not a sub-directory of profiles).

cd ~/lcfg/live
svn mv profiles/example2 profiles-archive
svn commit -m "Archived profile for example2" profiles profiles-archive

If you really want to delete the profile (maybe you created it with the wrong name), in that case remove it completely:

svn rm example3
svn commit -m "Archived profile for example3" example3

Delete the IP address

Do this step last. Remove the machine from the dns:

[algaida]carol: rfe -xf dns/briggitenau
>>> IPv4 results for zone "inf" <<< briggitenau
>>> IPv6 results for zone "inf6" <<<
subnet 212: %slaac briggitenau

(search for all instances of the host in inf, inf6, etc.)

[algaida]carol: rfe dns/briggitenau

(delete instance; save; quit...)

[algaida]carol: rfe dns6/briggitenau

-- CarolDow - 23 Sep 2019

-- GrahamDutton - 07 Jan 2020

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