Decommissioning Machines and Drives

We've have various off the cuff discussions about what should be done with decommissioned machines and hard disks, but I couldn't find it written down anywhere, so I'll write down what I think we've agreed here. Neil.

IT Disposal

The University now has a channel for distributing unwanted equipment for re-use.

The official channel for disposal of IT equipment is via CCL (North), the University's approved recycler/disposaler(!). See the UCS notes/guidelines. The service agreement with CCL says they must destroy all hard disks.

IMPORTANT - remember to record disposal in the inventory.

Desktops/Commodity machines

Given the CCL statement, then it was agreed that for commodity machines, ie desktops, we should be happy that CCL will take care of the necessary data destruction.

Servers and data sensitive machines

Though we should be happy with CCL to destroy any data received by them, we have decided that for servers or other machines with potentially sensitive/private/commercial data on them, then we should first wipe the disks [see later] ourselves, and then remove them from the machines. These disks should then be given to CCL for specific destruction. Please remove the disk bracket and store in the labelled box in B.03.

Wiping disks

DICE machines have a boot menu option to boot into DBAN (Darik's Boot and Nuke. This should be used to wipe disks - the default wipe method should be sufficient for most use-cases. You'll need to do this while the profile still has a useful dice/os header included for PXE to work. Alternatively, boot to command line and run dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=1M (no need for profile or network)

The MDP pie environment contains a decommission menu option to wipe a disk, that could be used.

More Detail

For CSOs: Various procedures for avoiding broken profiles, DHCP component errors, etc.

When decommissioning a server you might also do these:

  • remove serial console entries from live/console_server.h
  • remove all wires, coil up and put in the drawer
  • remove its entries from the switch files
  • remove its entries from the power bar files
  • remove its entries from the LCFG and DNS: DeletingLcfgProfiles
  • move the machine to B.03
  • tape its rails together as a pair, label them with the model number and move them to B.03 (right hand side as you go in)
  • block up the empty rack space with blanking plates
  • invedit --host whatever --room B.03 --building IF --manager ' '

That's it

Well that's all I can recall. Please correct, update if I've missed something, got it wrong.

-- NeilBrown - 09 Feb 2009

-- AlastairScobie - 12 Mar 2010

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