Infrastructure Unit machines

Machine Role Comments
franklin LDAP master take dump of ldap db
barrett KDC master remove _kerberos._udp SRV record to speed up authentication; om kerberos push to slaves; take dump of kerberos db
osprey cosign/ifriend KDC master remove from weblogin alias the night before; om kerberos push to slave; take dump of ifriend kerberos db
mckinley LDAP slave move infdir alias; remove _ldap._tcp SRV record
panther KDC slave/LDAP slave move various ldap aliases; remove _kerberos._udp and _ldap._tcp SRV records
fenrir KDC slave/AFSDB down late, up early; remove _kerberos._udp record
kingsmen toby test machine  
harnoncourt Forum extRt  
hogwood Forum netInf keep running throughout for Forum monitoring
hickox Forum netServ relocate power to netServ UPS
linnaeus Forum extNS  
marriner Forum consoles Last down, first up - but see beziers!
kubelik AT extRt (decanted)  
jarvi AT netInf (decanted) keep running throughout for AT network services
ancerl AT netServ to be not in service yet
darwin AT extNS (decanted)  
beziers AT consoles (decanted) Is the console server for Forum network machines hogwood, harnoncourt and marriner, (as well as AT machines). Ideally should be last down, and first up.
core0 Forum core switch keep running throughout for AT external link and hogwood
core1 Forum core switch switch off
core2 Forum core switch try to keep running throughout - has link to one of the AT basement switches
core3 Forum core switch turn off? or try to keep running throughout?