Users can see their own allocations on ECDF Storage Manager Home:
CSOs can view info about the existing INF groups at this URL and use the buttons to do various things

Request New Storage Area (admin/new institute/cost centre)

There are a small number of groups that used to live on the IS scieng0 server that got migrated to ECDF DataStore, e.g. infcom used by the commercialisation team. We have also created one new group space for The Data Lab, and Craig was sent some sort of bill, so check with him before creating any new space for admin support. The Request New storage Area button can be found on the homepage.

Add New Storage Area (research)

Datastore group spaces for research based group spaces. Quota for the space comes from the allocation given to research based academic staff and students (up to 250GB for researchers) This is done via Add DataStore Group Space button. Full instructions

Populate Groups

We can then populate the group members individually via Active Directory Users and Computers from an MDP machine under: Authorisation/RDM/csce/inf

Double click on the group you are populating, select the Members tab and click Add button.

To add a larger list of users, do this as a comma separated list using the ActiveDirectory Powershell command, e.g. Add-ADGroupMember "datastore_inf_groups_cos" joxley, alisond, neilb

Create Additional Groups

When creating group space, a primary group is automatically created and all new sub-folders will inherit access for this group. New groups can be created for fine grain access control

How to Remove Parent Group in order to restrict access

If you are setting permissions from a Windows 10 machine. 1. Go to the 'Properties' of the sub-folder you want to restrict. 2. Click on 'Security' tab and then select 'Advanced' 3. Click on 'Disable inheritance' button 4. Select 'Convert inherited permissions into explicit permissions on this object' 5. Remove parent folder security group permissions (if required) 6. Add Modify access for the new security group.

Increasing quota

Once the group space has been created, other researchers can 'top-up' the quota by contributing some of their own allocation. Please note that offering some of their own user quota does not entitle them to access the filespace, they would still need manually added to the group

Mapping the filespace

ECDF instructions on how to map DataStore from selfmanaged

To connect to DataStore from DICE

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