Warning - this is very much work in progress (May 07)

These instructions assume that you will be dual booting between MacOS and DICE/Linux - this is useful to keep firmware patched. Note that the CD/DVD drive isn't currently supported under DICE.

  1. Download rEFIt (the Mac Disk variant) to the target mac
  2. Download BootCamp to the target mac
  3. Run BootCamp 's Boot Camp Assistant Installer - and install on primary boot disk
  4. Run Boot Camp Assistant - Create a Windows Partition, specifying how much space you want for this partition - this will shrink the MacOS partition freeing up space for a windows partition - restart MacOSx (don't try start install)
  5. Install rEFit.mpkg - select the primary boot disk as the destination volume. reboot, holding down the option key, and check that the rEFIt prompt is displayed.
  6. You now need to partition the disk. You will want to delete the FAT32 volume (probably volume 3) that you created with BootCamp and populate the released space with your own partitions for DICE. I found that I had to use the RHEL 5 install CD to do this!!! You must use grub to partition the disk as fdisk doesn't have the required GPT support. The version of grub on the DICE Linux FC6 install CD (as of May 07) crashed when I tried to use it to partition the disk.
  7. Reboot and choose rEFIt's partition tool - this sync's the MBR with the GBT (don't ask...)
  8. Create your DICE LCFG profile (sample given below)
  9. At the rEFIt prompt, choose the penguin symbol to boot off the LCFG install CD (most likely hda) and install as normal.

/* mcgahey */


#include <dice/os/fc6.h>
#include <dice/hw/apple_mac_pro.h>
#include <dice/options/video_nvidia.h>
#include <live/wire_c.h>

/* Partition layout is :-

sda1 EFI booting code
sda2 OS-X
sda3 Linux /
sda4 Linux swap


/* Configure grub to boot off our Linux / */
!grub.kroot_defaultboot_disk1   mSET(/dev/sda3)
!grub.root_defaultboot_disk1    mSETQ("(hd0,2)")
!grub.splashimage               mSETQ("(hd0,2)/boot/grub/splash.xpm.gz")

/* Add our DICE partitions */
!fstab.disks            mSET(sda)
!fstab.dopartition_sda  mSET(no)
!fstab.partitions_sda   mSET(sda3 sda4)

!fstab.mpt_sda3         mSET(/)
!fstab.type_sda3        mSET(ext3)
!fstab.size_sda3        mSET(free)
!fstab.preserve_sda3    mSET(no)

!fstab.type_sda4        mSET(linux-swap)
!fstab.size_sda4        mSET(free)
!fstab.preserve_sda4    mSET(no)

network.hwaddr_eth0     <%dhclient.mac%>

dhclient.mac            00:19:e3:f8:bb:76
/* Inventory information */

inv.sno                 157190LCUPZ
inv.allocated           richard
inv.location            JCMB-2408

/* eof */


-- AlastairScobie - 30 May 2007

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