Project 347 - DICE as a Service on VRS

The project came about as it was noted that not all Informatics visitors registered on VRS require a DICE account. Our initial thought was that we could ask for "DICE" to be added as one of the Service Selections which are ticked as part of the process when admin staff create a visit on VRS. However, although IS did respond to say that they could do this, it was going to have to be prioritised against other work and unlikely to be given a high priority. We've heard nothing since.

So, it was then suggested that we make the change on Theon by adding a tick box "DICE account: Yes/No" to the visitor tab which would then be used to determine whether the visitor should be added to the prometheus feed.

Since this suggestion was made, we have added a further restriction by requiring sponsor details before a DICE account is created for a visitor.

Main tasks:

  • Add column to visitor table
  • Add this column to the visitor tab on Theon (with 'No DICE' as default)
  • Edit prometheus view to include this further restriction
  • Subsequent edit of said column for existing visitor records
  • User training

This required becoming familiar with Working with Hypatia although the fundamental process for Making Changes to Portal Conduits remains the same. In addition to this is a comprehensive book explaining Theon (all 826 pages). I did not read this cover to cover but was able to provide some feedback.

The user training consisted of a brief meeting with HR staff to explain the change. When asked if they had any written documentation that needed updating, they explained that there wasn't any although they felt it would be hugely advantageous to have some. This should be given due consideration.

Total effort involved: 9.5 days

-- AlisonDownie - 27 Feb 2017

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