Managed Platform Machines

Licences we have

Adobe Acrobat X - 7 licences - 10 installed.

Adobe Acrobat XI - 10 licences - 2 installed

Adoce Acrobat XI - 5 licences (CDT)

Adobe Acrobat XI - 2 licences (Library KM)

Adobe Acrobat DC - 1 licence (HCRC) hnew

Adobe Acrobat DC - 2 licences (INF) cmcnamee, jball

Adobe Acrobat DC - 2 licences (Research Data Team RD) vlindstr, dcamero8

Adobe Acrobat DC - 4 licences (ISS) - glee23, kdavids2, sstewa14, rfinlay2

Adobe Acrobat DC - 1 licence (Bayes) v1telms

Adobe Acrobat Creative Cloud - 3 licences (Communication and Outreach) sgallus, snicol23, kkokowsk

Adobe Acrobat Creative Cloud - 1 licence (ANC) - jda

Adobe Acrobat Creative Cloud - 1 licence (CIS) - ewan

Adobe Photoshop CC - 1 licence - cchermaz

host model location allocated Software Comments
antequera HP 8200 BC-3.23 mmazurcz    
belleplaine HP 800g3 BC-3.43 v1telms Win 10 Adobe Acrobat DC (Bayes)  
williams HP 800 BC-3.23 v1kwood Win 10  
bcreception       Win 10 Bayes Reception Machine Not in Inventory
porgy HP 8200 AT-B.126 ashade   for techs
vieste HP 800 AT-5.01 ldefew    
alameda HP 800 AT-5.01 astylian    
coloma HP 800g2 AT-6.01 glee23 Acrobat DC ISS  
salerno HP 800 AT-6.01 kdavids2 Acrobat DC ISS  
rosario HP 800g2 AT-6.01 phudson    
taft HP 800 AT-6.01 margm    
craigleith HP 800g2 AT-6.01 v1acunli    
atascadero HP 800 AT-6.01 vmactagg Acrobat XI  
levisa HP 800g2 AT-6.02 dbolland    
kingman HP 800 AT-6.03 gwatt Acrobat Pro X  
lucca HP 800 AT-6.03 amacken3    
sausalito HP 800 AT-6.04 lbranney Acrobat Pro XI  
white HP 800 AT-6.04 sstewa14 Acrobat DC ISS  
cayucos HP 800 AT-6.04 ghall3 Acrobat Pro X  
carbonia HP 800 AT-6.05 v1awels2    
duddingston HP 800g2 AT-6.05 rarmitag Acrobat Pro X  
melverton HP 800g3 AT-6.05 kreid5    
cabanas HP 800g2 AT-6.05 rfinlay2 Acrobat Pro DC  
petaluma HP 800 AT-4.11 support    
cambria HP 8300 AT-4.11   Acrobat Pro X retire query location
hoytes HP 800g3 AT-4.11 Win 10   for meeting room see carol
revolution Dell 755 AT-7.06b cms   retire
lilliesleaf Dell 790 AT-7.06b      
paola HP 800 AT-7.12b lmb Acrobat Pro X  
cluny HP 800g2 AT-7.12b lmb Win 10 Acrobat Pro XI  
alcala HP 800g2 AT-7.12b   Win 10 noisy
aphrodite HP 800g3 AT-7.12b   Win 10  
ravelston HP 800g2 AT-4.11     spare
maybury HP 800g2 AT-4.11   Win 10  
amaro HP 800g2 IF-1.33 slambley    
olbia HP 800 IF-1.37 ssmith32    
pasorobles HP 800 IF-1.37 hlow Acrobat Pro X  
matera HP 800 IF-1.37 jcamero9    
delano HP 800 IF-2.07 support    
carini HP 800 IF-2.09     testing Win 10
craigleith HP 800g2 IF-2.09   Win 10  
putaruru HP 8300 IF-2.09     ?broken
zaragoza HP 800 g2 IF-2.09   Win 10  
bridgetown HP 800g3 IF-2.09   Win 10  
cammo HP 800g2 IF-2.09      
aruba HP 800 IF-2.09      
foggia HP 800 IF-2.17 grover   On Loan RT87017
tehachapi HP 800 IF-2.23 nheatley    
lamazia HP 800 IF-2.36 fionaj    
levca HP 800 IF-2.36 rvaupsai    
lecce HP 800 IF-2.34 gbeedham    
peffermill HP 800g2 IF-2.34 hlow    
fresno HP 800 IF-2.34 jlaidla4    
polenza HP 800 IF-2.34 v1atayl6   Win 10
catanzaro HP 800 IF-2.46 echurkin CDT Actobat X Adobe Illustrator Indesign Acrobat X on laptop
positano HP 800 IF-2.46 v1zmcgon CDT Acrobat X Adobe Illustrator Indesign Acrobat X on laptop
bigsur HP 800 IF-2.46 sgallow2 CDT Acrobat XI  
baracoa HP 800g2 IF-3.18 snicol23 Adobe CC Adobe CC expires Dec 2019
gunnvor HP Z4 G4 IF-3.18 sgallus Adobe CC Win 10 Adobe CC expires Dec 2019
morrobay HP 800 IF-3.18 kkokowsk Adobe CC Acrobat DC installed ? licence?, Adobe CC expires Dec 2019
nilakantha HP 8200 IF-3.18     on loan for intern
murrayfield Dell 790 IF-3.19 public Office 2013 Installed as IS Lab Machine
emeryville HP 800 IF-3.26 vlindstr Acrobat DC RD  
pacifica HP 800 IF-3.26 dcamero8 Acrobat DC RD  
sassari HP 800 IF-3.26 jball Win 10 Acrobat DC RD on order  
sciennes HP 800g2 IF-3.35 cmcnamee Acrobat DC INF  
waterford HP 800g3 IF-3.35 chasting    
esmerelda HP 800g2 IF-3.35 lbelfiel    
lyng HP 800 IF-3.35 hnew Adobe Acrobat DC HCRC Acrobat not installed
oristano HP 800 IF-3.37 esph05    
livorno HP 800 IF-3.37 jlaidla4    
latina HP 800 IF-3.37 ndferran    
mojave HP 800 IF-3.37 ddallac    
craighall HP 800g2 IF-4.34 dyane Acrobat Pro X  
anzio HP 800 IF-4.34 valexand CDT Acrobat X  
syracuse HP 800 IF-4.37 kjoshi Acrobat Pro X  
sonoma HP 800 IF-4.37 bhough    
chieti HP 800 IF-4.37 ndferran    
holyrood HP 800g2 IF-4.37 lhope    
terni HP 800 IF-5.35 mwright9    
milazzo HP 800 IF-5.41 asturnio    
salinas HP 800 IF-5.41 ladams23 Acrobat Pro X  
uphall HP 800g3 IF-5.41 nmarini    
napa HP 800 IF-5.39 young    
bari HP 800 IF-5.39 jchard    
charnocks HP 800g3 IF-5.39 nreid    
casilda HP 800g2 IF-5.39 sblack33    
papakura HP 8200 IF-G-07a public    
rangiora HP 8200 IF-G-07 public    
amfortas HP 8200 IF-G.09 reception    
inf00842 HP laptop 840 g5 School office ladams23 Acrobate Pro X 1118-1806-3579-6840-3564-1138

-- LindseyBrown - 12 Feb 2014

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