This is a function that will be called instead of the bash response of "command not found" which is relatively unhelpful. "command not found" can occur for a few reasons from mistyping the command to the selected software not being installed.

The function consists of a core function and some other modules which may all run or various subsets run, depending on the type of machine.

The files are found at LCFGComp:trunk/crichton


The software and a sample configuration can be installed with

#include <dice/options/crichton.h>

There are two man pages - man crichton and man crichton_modules (after installation). The manual page (source thereof) can be found at LCFGComp:trunk/crichton/docs/crichton.pod

The sample configuration is currently in live/crichton.h. Its first section defines which modules are enabled and the order in which they run. The second section contains some suggested configuration fragments for several types of machine such as external access servers, student lab machines and cluster nodes.

Writing a Module

Specifications for creating modules are in LCFGComp:trunk/crichton/modules/README

DICE Configuration (at release):

All Machines

  • puntIfRoot (incorporates 'classic')
  • shellguards (don't run in pipe, subshell, etc.)
  • because (reports why software is not present)
  • pathcheck (reports that software is there, is path broken?)
  • inform user about pkgsearch (user can request software)
  • misspellings (checks for typos)
  • apropos (searches manual pages for relevant commands)
  • classic (falls back to basic bash behaviour)


Multi-User Machines

  • pkgsearch

Gateway Machines

  • baduser (software is not present as this is a gateway machine)
  • because (gives a special message for particular commands - useful maybe for submit or other 'panic' commands?)

Staff / PhD (Desktops)

  • because (webots on specific hardware)
  • user-filters on licensed software?
  • pkgsearch

Lab Machines

  • because (gives a "webots is not here because..." message on specific hardware)
  • pkgsearch (altered text)

Chris' Machine

  • mplayer [return 1]


-- LindseyBrown - 26 Feb 2013

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