THIS SCRIPT IS NO LONGER REQUIRED - PLEASE USE ii edit --serial ABCDEF123 --newhostname blah INSTEAD

This script, located in the COs utils space, given a serial number and a hostname, will create the necessary system, part and hostname entries.

[northern]ascobie: create_system --serial 1234567 --hostname
Inserting 1234567 into system table
Inserting 1234567 (item 141107ORDER2DB7872) into part table
Inserting (serial 1234567) into hostname table

Once this has been run, you can invedit as usual.

[northern]ascobie: invedit --host --manager us-unit
and then ...

[northern]ascobie: invquery --host is a Bit of Kit made by ABC.
Its serial no. is 1234567 and 'primary' MAC address is .
It is running OS .
It is allocated to ( ) and located in JCMB-1305.
It is managed by us-unit, and owned by .
Warranty is 2 years from 15/07/2005.
It was ordered from budget 747DIV/12345 from Dabs
on order number A631778 and cost 848.0000.

-- LindseyBrown - 29 Jul 2016

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