Course Work Data

The data on course work in the School database is entirely taken from EUCLID/APT. Local course work records should only be created, if necessary, for work which is not formally assessed - often this is used to create entries for the mock and lab programming exams for example.

The entries for course work in EUCLID/APT must be in the correct format for them to be included in the feed. The assessment name must be "Coursework" and the assessment item name must not be blank. Any other entries, for example Exam related records, are ignored entirely. By convention course work should all be labelled "cwN" (where N is a number), the value of assessment item name in EUCLID/APT, for consistency but this is not mandatory for them to be included in the feed.

Any course work in the School database (whether taken from EUCLID/APT or locally added) can be manually flagged for use in the local "submit" programme. At the moment this can only be done by computing staff. The default is for course work not to be available under "submit".

The course work data (again whether taken from EUCLID/APT or locally added) is also used so that timeline events can be associated with it by the course lecturers. These events are the handout date, submission date and time, feedback date (generally when handed back) and comments about the assessment (e.g. where to find resources). The course work data is made available via a Webmark form so that lecturers can maintain it. The same data and corresponding timeline events is then generated into web pages that are embedded automatically onto the corresponding Learn course page as well as on the Student personal planner.

-- TimColles - 08 Jan 2020

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