Contacting IS and other COs

  • For issues/problems, it's best to go via is-helpline to ensure incidents are tracked correctly and also to be able to see patterns of incidents which can be turned into problems. (For those of you who have been on any ITIL courses, you'll know that there is a distinction between 'incident' and 'problem'!) Angus goes on to say "This might be seen as introducing a delay, but it also means that if it's a known issue that's current at the time Helpline can intercept it and prevent back end teams being overloaded by direct calls, and if patterns can be identified quickly and the problem then resolved the University as a whole benefits even if some individual incidents have a delay."

  • If we need to talk to people within IS, we can go direct to some teams but, as it's not always obvious which team to contact, we should use CSE Consultancy.

  • CSE Consultancy can always act as a facilitator and can find the right people, pass ticket on etc. Angus commented "This is often advantageous, especially as many services are now cross-team or cross-divison - so talking to one person or even one team might not give the full picture." I think we have seen this sort of problem so perhaps we should try using CSE Consultancy more often in preference to is-helpline. (Angus commented - " However, traditionally COs have been able to go direct to certain teams (generally those in Infrastructure and User Services) and you can still do this. It's worth knowing, however, that IS Apps don't operate in this way, and it's also worth bearing in mind that from outside IS it's not always easy to determine who to talk to (it's sometimes not that easy from within IS either!)" This is indeed a problem as we don't necessarily know names and finding out the appropriate team name can be even more difficult.)

  • For more informal communication, there is the scicos, medicos and ITForum list. If we feel we want to discuss things with both COs and IS, the SCE Consultancy will be happy to set up meetings if required.

-- AlisonDownie - 30 Oct 2013

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