Procure PGR GPU Cluster

Final report for the #472 Procure PGR GPU Cluster computing project.

This was requested by CSG and Director of Research who also provided initial requirements. The project was to procure a GPU cluster for any PGR in the School to be able to use. This was a standard procurement exercise but did have a hard deadline as the money available needed to be spent by the end of the financial year, which meant the equipment needed to be delivered, installed and passed acceptance testing in time for the supplier to be invoiced and paid. While optimistically this looked looked perfectly fine (starting with Procurement Office involvement at the beginning of February) it actually became quite tight at the end, however delivery was made for the scheduled date we had planned of beginning of July.

Only points to take away are just lessons learned with setting up the tender questions and weightings. Even though we believe we did get the correct supplier and price in this instance it could of gone differently simply due to the way some questions were worded and how the suppliers responded. In any future tender we suggest that a full technical specification of all the kit being supplied is a mandatory. We also suggest that a peer review run through is done of the tender questions by an internal third party acting as a supplier - this is a cross check that what is being asked is phrased appropriately to get the answers that are being looking for.

The project was completed with 196hrs effort (about five and a half weeks).

-- TimColles - 16 Dec 2019

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