Collaborative LaTeX Procedures

Test Service

Procedure to install a test service on another machine.

  1. Add <dice/options/coltex-server.h> header to new test server
  2. Set the correct directory path. Since the server is currently a desktop this is /disk/home/HOST/svn (which is symlinked from /svn). For a proper server its more likely to be /disk/data/svn. To change the path to this add (before including <dice/options/coltex-server.h>)
    • #define _SUBVERSION_REPOSDIR /disk/data/svn
  3. With CosignV3 need to set the VALIDREF. To do this add (before including <dice/options/coltex-server.h>) where NEWHOST is the hostname of the new test server
    • #define DICE_OPTIONS_COSIGN_VALIDREF ^https://NEWHOST\.inf\.ed\.ac\.uk(/.*)?
  4. Modify the servername so it doesn't try to be coltex.inf, you could do this by adding the following to the new test server profile so it just uses its own name for example
    • !apacheconf.servername mSET(<%profile.node%>.<%profile.domain%>)
  5. After profile updated may need to do om x509 run to get new certs
  6. On existing server make a tar archive of /svn and /coltex and transfer to new test server, for example
    • nsu
    • tar zcvfC /tmp/svn.tgz /svn .
    • tar zcvfC /tmp/coltex.tgz /coltex .
    • scp /tmp/svn.tgz NEWHOST:/tmp
    • scp /tmp/coltex.tgz NEWHOST:/tmp
  7. On new test server, rm /svn/* then extract /svn archive, for example
    • ssh NEWHOST
    • nsu
    • cd /svn
    • tar zxvf /tmp/svn.tgz
  8. On new test server extract /coltex archive, for example
    • ssh NEWHOST
    • nsu
    • cd /coltex
    • tar zxvf /tmp/coltex.tgz
  9. Start service on new test server, om apacheconf start
  10. Connect to test service at https://NEWHOST/.
  11. Client scripts are currently dumb and hard wired to talk to coltex.inf. To test client functionality (by following example in Introduction in online documentation) first hand modify /usr/bin/coltex on your client machine and replace with
  12. The repository cgi script may break, https://NEWHOST/repos.html might just shown an error about not being able to process a directive. If so nsu coltex, cd /coltex/httpd/cgi-bin and do ./docreplist.cgi. If this gives an error then try doing rm -fr /var/coltex/.coltex and then try again.

Moving Service

Moving the service from one machine to another involves a number of steps.

  1. Stop the existing service, om apacheconf stop
  2. Shift the DNS alias - wait for propogation
  3. Add <dice/options/coltex-server.h> header to new machine
  4. After profile updated may need to do om x509 run to get new certs
  5. On old machine tar /svn and /coltex and transfer to new machine
  6. On new machine rm /svn/* then extract /svn archive
  7. On new machine extract /coltex archive
  8. Start service on new machine, om apacheconf start

-- TimColles - 19 Feb 2008

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