Response to the Collaborative Software Tools and Web 2.0 report from the Information Services Working Group from Chris Adie.

Generally the report sounds fine, and considers most of the points we would be concerned about. These are namely:

  • Authenticated access to the services (Wiki's and Blogs), will we be able to use our cross realm trust?

  • Support for authenticated access to non-UoE users, eg in cross collaboration activities with people out with Edinburgh. One reason some Informatics people have chosen not to use our service, is because we cannot provide this at the moment. The DICE version of EASE with our "light weight accounts" should solve this problem.

  • Accessibility. The services should be based open standards. There should not be different levels of user experience between Windows, Mac and Linux users.

  • Who is responsible for the content? What about "take down" procedures. If the police coming knocking at the door asking us to take down some "Osama is great." content, can we react quickly enough. If some PhD asks for a blank wiki, will he able able to invite the world to contribute to it. Does the responsibly for all the content fall on the PhD?

Not covered in the report:

  • Where does a collaborative calendar fit into this?

  • Though searching is considered Web 1.0, what provision will there be for searching all this new content?

What we currently use/do:

An Informatics provided wiki service, based on software, with some local authentication modifications. Due to its lack of support for non-Informatics user publishing. Individual groups have setup their own Wikis. The two popular packages are TWiki and Zope/Plone.

We don't provide a blogging service, but we are experimenting with using the central web forums at People mostly do it themselves if they want a blog. Either they install their own CGI/PHP based system, or use the likes of

We have received requests for a Informatics provided service, this is so we can provide a more flexible service than the free sites offer. eg larger attachments, and support for research type use (the CISA AIBO dogs can blog!).

Recently our new development manager (Colin Adams?) would like us to provide podcasts to promote Informatics at Edinburgh. Nothing has progressed on this front yet as far as I'm aware.

Our own kerberised Jabber service. Currently only used by CO community, but again we do get requests for a more widely available jabber service. (AIAI again).

We have some outstanding actions to provide RSS feeds of our DB generated news and events pages. The Wiki automatically provides RSS for its content.

-- NeilBrown - 05 Sep 2006

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