C[S]O 'Not-A-Library' Bookshelf, IF-2.44.

The bookshelf is now officially open! The books on this shelf is for all C[S]Os to use or ignore. It is presently rather sparse but further contributions are welcome. Feel free to simply leave new books on Graham's desk, or to add them yourself, below.

In a move which would make any true librarian blush, the books have been (physically) sorted alphabetically by title. Feel free to change this if you want to waste precious minutes of your life rearranging the entries both here and on the shelf!

This is the list of books presently available on the CO bookshelf. Most table fields optional, but welcome.

Title, Edn Author Publisher ISBN Notes Keeper Borrowed By
All-in-one Java 2 Exam Guide Boone & Stanek McGraw Hill 0-07-913740-7   library  
CA-OpenIngres For UNIX, Box v1.2 Computer Associates   Multiple ISBN   library  
C Programming Language, The, 2nd ed. Kernigan & Ritchie Prentice-Hall 0-13-110362-8   library  
Developing Java Software 2nd ed. Winder & Roberts   0-471-69698-0   library  
LaTeX Companion, The, 2nd print (1994) Goossens, Mittelbach & Samarin   0-201-54199-8   library  
Object of Java, The, BlueJ Edition Riley, David D.   0-312-12173-2   library  
Programming Perl, 2nd ed. (1996) Wall, Cristiansen & Schwartz   1-56592-149-6   library  
Programming Perl, 2nd ed. (1997) Wall, Cristiansen & Schwartz   1-56592-149-6   library  
Sendmail, 2nd ed. Costales & Allman   1-56592-222-0   library  
Fundamentals of Operating Systems, 2nd ed. Lister, A M Macmillan 0-333-27287-0 kr library  
Algorithms + Data Structures = Programs Wirth, Niklaus Prentice-Hall 0-13-022418-9 kr library  
System Configuration (SAGE #14) Anderson, Paul USENIX 1-931971-41-0   library  
Programming in Prolog Clocksin & Mellish Springer-Verlag 3-5540-11046-1   library  
C Programming Language, The Kernigan & Ritchie Prentice-Hall 0-13-110163-3   library  
System V Interface Definition, Issue 1 Kevorkian, D.E. et. al. AT&T LOC 84-073470   library  
Pascal User Manual and Report, 2nd ed. Jensen & Wirth Springer-Verlag 3-540-90144-2   library  
SuSE Linux 8.2 Administration Guide, 5th Ed. SuSE Inc.   3-899900-01-4 gr library  
AutoCAD 2005 User Guide   AutoDesk     ascobie  
Linux Kernel Internals, 2nd Ed Beck et al Addison Wesley 0-201-33143-8   ascobie  
Running Xen Matthews et al Prentice Hall 0-13-234966-3   ascobie  
VMware ESX Server in the Enterprise Haletky Prentice Hall 0-13-230207-1   ascobie  
Linux Device Drivers, 1st ed (1998) Rubini O'Reilly 1-56592-292-1   ascobie  
TCL and the Tk Toolkit Ousterhout Addison Wesley 0-201-63337-x   ascobie  
A Guide to LaTeX 2e 2nd Ed Kokpa and Daly Addison Wesley 0-201-42777-X   ascobie  
Web client programming with Perl Wong O'Reilly 1-56592-214-X   ascobie  
Programming the Perl DBI Descartes & Bunce O'Reilly 1-56592-699-4   ascobie  
Understanding the Linux Kernel 3rd Ed Bovet & Cesati O'Reilly 0-596-00565-2   ascobie  
Mastering Perl/TK Lidie & Walsh O'Reilly 1-56592-716-8   ascobie  
ANSI standard C   ANSI ANSI X3.159-1989   ascobie  
ITIL Service Design   OGC 0-11-331047-0   ascobie  
ITIL Service Strategy   OGC 0-11-331045-0   ascobie  
ITIL Service Operation   OGC     ascobie gordonr
ITIL Service Transition   OGC     ascobie  
ITIL Continual Service Improvement   OGC     ascobie  
Advanced Programming in the Unix Environment Stevens Addison Wesley 0-201-56317-1   ascobie  
Advanced Programming in the Unix Environment (2nd Ed) Stevens and Rago Addison Wesley 0-201-43307-9   ascobie  
Design and Implementation of 4.3BSD Unix Leffler et al Addison Wesley 0-201-06196-1   ascobie  
Expert C Programming Van der Linden Prentice Hall 0-13-177429-8   ascobie  
iSCSI - the universal storage connection Hufferd Addison Wesley 0-201-78419-X   ascobie  
Unix Network Programming Stevens Prentice Hall 0-13-949876-1   ascobie  
Introduction to SQL Van der Lans Addison Wesley 0-201-62425-7   ascobie  
NFS Illustrated Callahan Addison Wesley 0-201-32570-5   ascobie  
The Quick Python Book Harms and McDonald Manning 1-884777-74-0   ascobie  
Security and Usability Cranor and Garfinkel O'Reilly 0-596-00827-9   ascobie  
Official Introduction to the ITIL Service Lifecycle   OGC 978-0-11-331061-6   ascobie  
Perl Cookbook Christiansen and Torkington O'Reilly 1-56592-243-3   ascobie  
Programming Perl 2nd Ed Wall, Christiansen & Schwartz O'Reilly 1-56592-149-6   ascobie  
Automating System Administration with Perl (2nd ed) Blank-Edelman O'Reilly 978-0-596-00639-6   cc  
Learning Perl (4th ed) Schwarz, Phoenix & foy O'Reilly     cc  
Intermediate Perl Schwarz, foy & Phoenix O'Reilly     cc  
Programming Perl (3rd ed) Wall, Christiansen & Orwant O'Reilly     cc  
Learning Perl Objects, References & Modules Schwarz & Phoenix O'Reilly     cc  
Live Linux CDs Negus Prentice Hall 0-13-243274-0   squinney  
Time Management for System Administrators Limoncelli O'Reilly 978-0596007836   ascobie cms
LCFG: A Practical Tool for System Configuration Anderson SAGE 978-1-931971-61-4   ascobie  
LCFG: A Practical Tool for System Configuration Anderson SAGE 978-1-931971-61-4   alisond  
Pulling Strings with Puppet Turnbull Apress 1-59059-978-0   squinney ascobie
PostgreSQL 9.0 The SQL Language - Volume 1   Linlibrary 978-1-59682-246-7   rwb ascobie


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-- GrahamDutton - Jan 2009

To Be Relocated

This is a list of books that people currently have but don't necessarily want their own private copy of and would be happy for access to a copy in a CO library.

Title Publisher Has a copy
Sendmail O'Reilly ascobie
Power Programming with RPC O'Reilly ascobie
MH & XMH O'Reilly ascobie
Docbook O'Reilly ascobie
DNS and Bind O'Reilly ascobie
X Toolkit Intrinsics programming manual O'Reilly ascobie
Xlib programming manual O'Reilly ascobie
Xlib reference manual O'Reilly ascobie
X Protocol reference manual O'Reilly ascobie
Motif programming Digital Press ascobie
Applixware 4.3 Applix ascobie
Advanced Unix Programming Prentice Hall ascobie
Postscript Language Reference manual (2nd ed) Adobe ascobie
Postscript Language Program Design Adobe ascobie
UKUUG 2006 Durham proceedings UKUUG ascobie

-- AlastairScobie - 07 May 2008

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