Change the touchscreen screensaver images.

Check out or update the dice-webkiosk files e.g

svn checkout svn/dice-webkiosk

The current slides can be found in svn/dice-webkiosk/xscreensaverslides-active/

svn move any old slides to svn/dice-webkiosk/xscreensaverslides-archived/

svn add the new slides to svn/dice-webkiosk/xscreensaverslides-active/

Commit the changes with svn commit svn/dice-webkiosk/

Whilst in svn/dice-webkiosk run lcfg-reltool microversion

Then run lcfg-reltool srpm to create a new rpm.

Submit the new rpm with pkgforge submit -B world /afs/ (this needs to be done on a machine with the co-desktop.h header, such as herminator)

You can see how the submission is going by checking

Edit live/include/live/webkiosk-common-screensaver.h to include the new rpm

The change happens overnight, but as a test you can run updaterpms on a touchscreen (e.g oduya on level 1) and reboot it to see the change straight away.

If you try running updaterpms before the rpm has been processed you'll get something like

20/03/14 15:24:11: ++ couldn't find RPM header file for dice-webkiosk-0.0.21-1/noarch

20/03/14 15:24:11: ++ can't find original RPM for dice-webkiosk(noarch)

20/03/14 15:24:14: ++ updaterpms generated some warnings 

Just wait 5 mins then try again.

-- RossArmstrong - 21 Mar 2014

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