General Advice

This page is a basic outline designed to collect wisdom on building packages on DICE, since in practice it's a bit of a subtle art. It is nonetheless a good idea to read the official RPM guides: <link here...>

Use pkgforge

Wherever possible use pkgforge to build packages. Not only does this help validate your packages to a greater degree, but it saves forgetting to build on foreign platforms, etc.

If your package takes longer than an hour to build, however, pkgforge will time out. This can be altered temporarily or permanently with the pkgforge.timeout resource in the live/package-builder.h header after consulting with MPU. There's also Bug:696 filed to help improve this.

Testing without pkgforge

Chances are your co-desktop.h machine has all that's required. But if you need to build on another machine (faster server, 32-bit, etc.) then you should add the following:

#include <dice/options/pkgforge.h>
#include <dice/options/yum.h>
#include <dice/options/pkgsubmit.h>

the testing cycle can be slow and demanding, particularly with large files. Don't forget the -b(bi) --short-circuit options to speed up testing.

Specific packages

In general specific advice should be added to the spec file as commentary, except where it relates solely to the DICE environment (e.g. private source file locations, etc.) or licensed software procedure.

Package 1

An easy package.

Package 2

A difficult package.

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