Data upload, backup and cleanup

  • Plug network cable into laptop port on the 197 subnet.
  • cd /Volumes/captures/Courses/XX
  • Edit the file user_metadataXX.plist with the lecturer, lecture date, title etc
  • Edit uploadXX with the correct file name.
  • Execute that file- "./uploadXX"

The upload can take around 20 minutes.

Videos can be seen at:

Video manager gets an email listing:

This episode has been published to the informatics lectures RSS manager:


Download the video podcast version:

Podcast video: <>

View the streamed video over QuickTime :

Standard: rtsp://

The podcast link gets added into the video summary page.

Cleanup disk!

Editing Videos

  • Use File Finder to locate the desired file.
  • Double click on the filename to start the Quicktime Pro viewer.
  • Use topbar->View->Half Size to expose controls, then drag to rescale.
  • Use topbar->Window->Movie Inspector to open annotation window.
  • Notice there are left/right indicators at the bottom of the video scroll bar (at startup these are probably at left of bar).
  • Drag the left pointer to the start of the cut zone (probably start of video).
  • Drag the right pointer to the end of the cut zone (probably when the lecturer starts talking) to mark a section.
  • Hit Delete/Backspace key to delete the marked section.
  • Repeat for cutting the unwanted end of the video.
  • Use SaveAs to make a new file. Reuse the old name, but append 'Edit' tojust before the .mov.
  • Select "Save as self-contained movie..."
  • Click Save

It takes 4-5 min to save an hour's video

-- RossArmstrong - 03 Mar 2011

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