Video Recording

Video Equipment

The equipment is stored in the Forum First Aid Room G.11. The key is at reception.

There are 3 bags

  • Camera bag
  • Tripod bag
  • Laptop bag

Camera bag contents

  • Camera
  • Power Supply (needed - battery only for short backup)
  • Radio microphone receiver
  • Radio microphone transmitter
  • Spare microphone
  • DV repeater (small black box)
  • Blue/purple 6<->9 pin cable

Tripod bag contents

  • Tripod

Laptop bag contents

  • Mini Macintosh laptop
  • Laptop power
  • Silver 4<->6 pin cable
  • 10m blue cable
  • Video splitter box (1 in, 2 out)
  • Video splitter power supply
  • VGA->USB converter
  • VGA->USB converter power supply


Tripod setup

  • Release leg locks
  • Release handle
  • Release legs using top toggles and set to flat feet
  • Tighten leg locks
  • Raise to mid-height
  • Level the head using the screw release under head (spirit level)
  • Level top plate (use friction lock)

Camera setup

  • Unlock slide
  • Slide camera plate from rear into slot until even
  • Lock slide [Press red button + unlock slide to remove]
  • Plug DC power (Sony) into slot under rubber flap on back
  • Remove lens cap
  • Turn on camera by rotating red right-hand button to 'Tape' setting
    • Adjust camera:
      • Flip up monitor
      • Click on 'Manual' on left hand side of camera
      • Adjust exposure by rotating lens ring until the display histogram fills whole display all the way to the right
      • Camera does auto-focus

Radio microphone receiver setup (Sennheiser without square plate on bottom)

  • Power on (squeeze sides to flip up panel) to expose on/off button
  • Check battery power adequate
  • Check if conflicting transmitter (receiving some signals even before transmitter turned on)

  • If conflict:
    • press 'Set'
    • toggle with up/down switch to:
      • Tune: push set, and then toggle up/down freqs, push set again try default 863.6
    • other options (usually ignore):
      • Pilot: ignore
      • Reset: ignore
      • Bank: ignore
      • Chan: ignore
      • Lock: ignore
      • Name: Inf LC1 (leave as is)
      • Display: FREQ (leave as is)
      • Squelch: set to 'mid' (usually leave as is)
      • AF out: set to '-06' (usually leave as is)
      • Scan: press start to find free frequency
        • Press 'set' when found
        • press 'set' again to exit

Option: if speaker is already using a radio microphone, then set receiver to other microphone's frequency.

  • Slide into video camera light slot on top of camera, tighten screw
  • Plug red mini-plug into receiver (slot "AF out"), tighten cable lock
  • Check if receiver has frequency and is getting strong enough signal (bars)

Radio microphone transmitter setup (Sennheiser with square plate on bottom)

Option: if speaker is already using a radio microphone, then don't use this microphone. Set to 'mute off'!

  • Power on (squeeze sides to flip up panel) to expose on/off button
  • Check battery power adequate
  • Set to 'mute on'
  • Set transmitter to same frequency as receiver (see above)
  • Set transmitter sensitivity: -10 db (default)
    • press 'Set'
    • toggle with up/down switch to: Sensit: -30 (on transmitter)
    • press 'set' again to exit

Clip microphone onto speaker, usually microphone facing upwards about 20 cm below mouth and set to 'mute off'.

Capture laptop setup

  • Power for laptop connected (slot 1)
  • Connect silver 4<->6 pin cable 4 end into video camera under back right flap
  • Connect 6 pin silver cable into DV repeater (small box)
  • Connect blue 6->9 pin cable 6 end into DV repeater
  • Connect 9 pin (+ white extension) blue cable into laptop side (slot 3)

Presentation laptop setup

  • Plug laptop VGA output into video splitter input
  • Plug video splitter output #1 into data projector input
  • Plug video splitter output #2 into VGA->USB converter
  • Plug video splitter input into laptop (slot 5 on laptop side)
  • Plug video splitter power in (screw fitting)
  • Plug VGA->USB converter power in

Software setup

Boot up laptop (power at top right) after all cables are plugged in. If the laptop will not turn on, it may be that the screen is locked.

Hold the power button down for 5-10 sec to force a power off, it should then turn on when you push the start button again.

Notice folder icons at right:

  • Icon: Informatics_L.wcst: MacOs 10.5 boot directory
  • Icon: Informatics_SL.wcst: MacOs 10.6 boot directory
  • Icon 'Captures': where recordings go to

Notice preset icons at right:

  • AV_course.wcst
  • Inf_2b_course.wcst
  • ... etc for each course

To ready for new capture:

  • Double click on 'Inf_2b_course.wcst' icon preset (or similar)
    • Left Screen is preview screen showing live feeds
    • Right screen is what is being recorded
  • Click Broadcast (or topbar->Broadcast->Broadcast Settings) *Click on /volumes/captures/Courses/Inf_2b (or similar)
  • Click on Browse
    • Click on left: captures->Courses (or Events) -> specific course
    • Amend file_title at top:
  • Click encoder and select: "Inf mobile lecture capture to disk default"
  • Click Annotations (at top) and revise title

Select Foreground:

  • Is there VGA feed and is it the right size? (see below)
  • Is there video camera feed and is it the right size? (see below)
  • If scaling doesn't look good on capture, ask lecturer to try 1024x768

Select Output:

  • Click on Output icon
  • Click on 'Go' under right window (transitions on)
  • Does output box look as desired? (see below)

The microphone button under the bar graph should be un-muted.

  • Check sound levels on vertical bar
  • Click Record to start (blue arrow appears)
  • Click Record to stop (blue arrow disappears)

To adjust input scaling/position/feed format

  • After wcst file selected, select a forground/background source on left column
  • Select source for each panel
  • select the input at the bottom horizontal list [VGA,DV-VCR,Logos, etc]
    • Double click on input icon
      • Click on Channel A - usually video (or B - usually VGA)
      • Click on Effects
      • Click on Scale to Fit
      • Close
    • Select Media->Show Asset Manager (for VGA)
      • Double click on V3U46692
      • Select (usually) 601/DV-PAL 4:3 (optionally PAL 16:9 -
      • depends on speaker's laptop)
      • Click Apply
    • Select Media->Show Asset Manager (for VCR)
      • Double click on DV-VCR
      • Select (usually) 601/DV-PAL 16:9 Anamorphic
    • Click Apply

Use ctrl-leftclick on view window to drag around Use cmd-ctrl-leftclick on view window to resize

To set up new course

  1. Create new folder
    • copy into new folder and rename existing wcst file
    • edit to change file destination and name into the new folder
    • edit feed for title image
    • right click to make symbolic link and drag to desktop right
  2. Select 'Broadcast'
    • Select using top bar pulldown
    • Wirecast->Preference->General
    • Aspect-ratio PAL 4:3
    • Wirecast->Performance
    • 25 FPS
    • Wirecast->Advanced
    • capture device size : native
    • De-interlace : none
    • Highest quality
    • GPU compression


  • 1280x720 video
  • 48K audio
  • approx 66% quality
  • click save

Broadcast settings

  • Annotations -> eg. Inf2b
  • Photocpec
  • Audio encoder : none
  • Dest: record to disk
  • File->Browse->Create new file

Shutdown and cleanup

  • Replace lens cap
  • Microphone transmitter and receiver power off
  • Recharge radio microphone receiver and transmitter AA batteries
  • Recharge camera battery
  • Turn off camera

Final Checklist

  • Transmitter and receiver batteries OK?
  • Transmitter and receiver set to same frequency?
  • Transmitter and receiver turned on?
  • Transmitter unmuted?
  • Camera turned on?
  • Correct wcst file chosen?
  • New stored filename chosen?
  • Video and VGA visible?
  • 'Go' selected?
  • Start Recording selected?
  • Stop Recording selected?
  • Transmitter and receiver turned off?
  • Camera turned off?
  • Trimmed file has new name?

To find out how to upload the videos see the uploading notes.

-- RossArmstrong - 03 Mar 2011

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