Theon 'Base Camp' Server

This is the Theon 'Base Camp' server. The 'Base Camp' server has the following roles:

  • Subversion server
  • Apache server containing vhosts for

these functions are defined in the <dice/options/theon-basecamp.h> header.


The theon-basecamp header allows a few variables to be defined where the defaults are unacceptable. In particular THEON_INSTANCE and THEON_CMATCH will need to be changed where a test instance is being configured.

Installation is relatively simple so long as reconfiguration is not required. Add the named header to a replacement server of your choice and (''this process is incomplete''):

$ om cron stop    # (to prevent spurious repository / schema processing)

(now restore the contents of /disk/data/{svn,trac,web}/)

$ om file configure
$ om apacheconf restart
$ om cron start

If you've changed the location of the data store, or altered the version of Trac, you'll need to reinitialise Trac and/or the mod_wsgi environment script. You can do this relatively easily, as apache:

$ trac-admin <trac env path> upgrade
$ trac-admin <trac env path> wiki upgrade
$ trac-admin <trac env path> deploy <trac env path>  # (rewrites cgi-bin/trac.wsgi)

-- TimColles - 27 Nov 2018

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