Archiving and Deletion of Accounts

Selection of Accounts

At present this is a manual procedure. Accounts are selected by checking various data sources for users who are no longer entitled to an Informatics account. The intention is that this will become an automatated process in the same way that account creation is automatic. We will follow the University policy on timescales.

AFS Accounts

User volumes are moved to /group/support/archiving using the vos dump command which produces a flat file. From here they will be written to tape. This does not remove the user volume.

Dump and Restore

vos dump -v -id -time 0 -file /group/support/archiving/foo-archive

Time 0 means full dump.

vos restore -file foo-archive -server unicorn -partition /vicepx -name

This only restores the RW copy.


for i in `cat users`; do rsync -a -x -v$i $i-web ; done;

Writing to Tape.

The tape drive is attached to dunedin in IF-1.07.

The scripts are located in /disk/archiving/scripts and the Logs are located in /disk/archiving/Logs.

The Logs directory contains 2 files per tape, the ArchiveTape.out contains a copy of the archive session and the ArchiveTape file contains a complete copy of all data written to tape.

[dunedin]lmb: script ArchiveTape040.out
Script started on Wed 24 Apr 2013 16:50:50 BST
[dunedin]root: ../scripts/archive-tape-write.Ross  -v -s /group/support/archiving/April-2013 -dev /dev/st0
=>  Source "/group/support/archiving/April-2013" is OK...
=>  Dumping location "/group/support/archiving/April-2013" without further checks...
=>  Verifying write to /dev/st0 & creating log...
=>  Checking archive dump and creating log...
    Log file is /disk/archiving/Logs/ArchiveTape040
[dunedin]root: exit
Script done on Thu 25 Apr 2013 09:20:05 BST

Old documentation.

Restoring from Tape

tar -b 200 -xvf /dev/st0 ./foo-archive

Remove User Volumes


vos exam

Remove ROs first. eg

vos remove -v unicorn /vicepb

Unmount from AFS tree.

fs rmmount /afs/




vos release udir.f

Remove RW

vos remove -v squonk /vicepa

Remove from pts database if removing from ldap.

pts delete foo

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