How to use rfe to control the APC power distribution bars

(Most of) the power distribution bars in use in the Forum, AT and KB server rooms can have their outlets turned on and off under rfe control. This is done by editing a configuration file, similar to the way the switch configuration is done.

The bars mostly have names of the form sNN for switched controllable bars and uNN for unswitched bars. The corresponding configuration file is fpdu/sNN.outlets for bars in the Forum, apdu/sNN.outlets for bars at AT, and kpdu/sNN.outlets for bars at KB.

Each line in the configuration file takes the form

   outlet <number> <outlet-name> <on-or-off> [immediate|middle|last]

  • number is the number of the outlet, as written on the bar,
  • outlet-name is a label for the outlet, (which should match whatever's connected to the outlet),
  • on-or-off is either "on" to turn the outlet on, or "off" to turn it off, and
  • the qualifier immediate, middle or last specifies the switch-on delay which will be applied. (middle (the default) specifies a delay randomly chosen from the range 60-80 seconds; last specifies a delay randomly chosen from the range 180-240 seconds.)

The usual caveats about white space and avoiding tcl's metacharacters apply.

For example,

   outlet 21 franklin on
   outlet 22 fc10 on
   outlet 23 srslc02 on
   outlet 24 sr02+sr03 on immediate

-- GeorgeRoss - 17 Oct 2008

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