Adding Items To Inventory

It is very important to add received items to inventory once all steps in ReceivingItems have been completed. A good knowledge of creating an orders file and adding/amending entries in database is necessary. Please check OrderFileFormat and TartarusQuickStart for reference.

Every purchase order should have a unique orders file. All items received on same purchase order must be added to the same orders file. This is very important when future queries will be made. If an item is not added/missed, the orders file can be amended.

Create a new orders file

rfe -n orders/(purchase order)

Amend an existing orders file

rfe orders/(purchase order)

View an existing orders file (read only)

rfe -g orders/(purchase order)

For all above examples the convention for the file names is as follows:

  • For purchase orders that were made using eFinancials we are using the prefix "inf" followed by the purchase order number (e.g. inf1234)
  • For purchase orders that were made using SciQuest we are using the prefix "sq" followed by the purchase order number (e.g. sq1234567)
  • For items that were ordered without the use of a purchase order (e.g. using the departmental credit card) we are using the prefix "fake" followed by the next available number (Procurement is keeping track of this. e.g. fake005)

Very Important!: Serial numbers should be added to the the orders file if applicable

  • Once the orders file is created, database entries will be created accordingly. There are certain categories that the database classifies as 'system'. These are: avsystem, desktop, laptop, printer, tablet, storagearray, networkswitch, server, wap, othersystem. For these entries extra information should be recorded to the database following TartarusQuickStart. Mandatory fields are allocation, managed type and barcode (see below). As a rule of thumb the more information is recorded for a system, the better. If applicable, MAC addresses must be recorded as well.
  • Procurement is holding stock of tamper evident barcode stickers. Every laptop, desktop, phone and tablet should have one attached and the barcode number added to the database.

Once item(s) have been added to the inventory (and only then), the requester should be aware that their order has arrived and is ready for collection.

-- NikolaosDandoulakis - 10 Feb 2020

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