Services Unit services using staff role

Action from Ops meeting 27/3/2019

Services unit services that use literally the "staff" role (not entitlements granted by the role) and require fixing.
# /opt/mailman/inf_scripts/newprometheususers(fix - from mailman procmailrc)
# /disk/mailraid/scripts: findcandidates(NA) mailqreport(fix) movetohome2(NA) 
# rfe quotas (fix, all classes of users are by role, including staff)

Not strictly a service issue, but users should be aware that the "staff" role, currently gives people the "staff" unix group (which also means the "inf:staff" AFS group). So if anyone is using the unix or AFS group to restrict file access to "staff", they should be aware of what "staff" means in this context.

-- NeilBrown - 25 Jun 2019

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