Quotas are 2Gb for UG1/UG2, 5Gb for UG3/UG4 and Msc Students, 10Gb for Phd students.

Please do not increase a student quota just because they have run out of space. They should be encouraged to login at a text login and delete files.

Fourth year ugrads and Msc students can have their quotas increased only for their project but the request must be endorsed by their supervisor. Please don't give extra quota if there is not enough space on the partition to accomodate it. If a project requires lots of extra disk space create some project spaces at /group/ug4-projects or /group/msc-projects.

The staff quota of 10Gbs is there as a notional limit to help with housekeeping and disk management. It can be increased at any time. Again, make sure there is enough room on the partition.

Setting a quota.

  • Type rfe quotas on a dice machine.
  • Edit as in file.
  • Make sure that there is only one entry for each user.


  • Login to a machine with the setafsquotas command (gecko).
  • Use your kerberos admin principle by running the command asu.
  • Run the command setafsquotas for the UUN affected, or setafsquotas to rebuild all afs quotas. See the AFSQuotas wiki page https://wiki.inf.ed.ac.uk/view/DICE/AFSQuotas for further details.
  • To give someone their max allowance (based on the quotas file) immediately do setafsquotas -A neilb
  • Or set it manually via the AFS commands fs setquota ~neilb 10000000 , where you have to workout what their max is. 10,000,000 in this case. If this does not match what they'd get via the quotas file, then if it is larger than their max via the quotas file, it will be reduced by the next automatic run of setafsquotas.


  • There are no home directories on NFS but web pages are on NFS.
  • Login to the homepages server and, as root, run om quotas run.
  • Check quota by quota -v username.

-- LindseyBrown - 30 Apr 2013

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