Account Management

Account Creation

Account creation is now an automatic process.

In order to create an account there has to be a database entry with a UUN. The database is maintained by Inf HR.

Computing staff should not create/edit database entries.

Email is sent out twice a day to the support team with the list of accounts that have been created but which have not yet had their initial password printed out. Accounts will not appear on this list until the start date in the database.

When we receive a request for an account, the following needs to be done:

  • Print out the initial password.
  • InfHR team should now print off EASE letter containing registration details from new Uni IDM, so we no longer need to retrieve initial password for staff.
  • If admin staff, make sure homedir path is correctly set.
  • Add user to the aliases-staffmail file (not required for students). Mail aliases
  • All users now automatically subscribed to sys-announce mailing list. Continue to add staff to seminars, until we are able to advertise self-subscription.

Prometheus Account Management Tools

Useful commands (to be run as 'asu' only on machines with tools installed) are:

  • init-passwds --uun UUN --printer printername
  • init-passwds --uun UUN --printer cloudm0 --recipient recipentUUN [to print to a recipient's cloud printer]
  • reset-passwd UUN --printer printername
  • modify-user UUN --addrole role
  • modify-user UUN --removerole role

IS Account Management

Samba Accounts

To give an admin person access to Samba:

  • Login to (currently gype but check first!)
  • Become root: nsu
  • Set a password: smbpasswd -a username
  • Some admin.smb directory access is controlled by group membership (via roles, e.g. kbadmin)
  • Some directory access requires the UUN to be added to corresponding list in stumervm lcfg, some have seperate RO and RW access.
  • Make sure when an admin person leaves to remove secondary roles and any stumervm access

Accounts on the PostgreSQL Service.

Giving access to submissions directory.

Non-staff who require access (Teaching Assistants) should be given the secondary role submit.

Documentation for the practical submission system is available at: Practical Submission Guide

Giving access to ITO exam preparation machines.

Non-staff who require access (Teaching Assistants) should be given the secondary role examprep. This gives them the crucial capability "login/staff/examprep"

-- LindseyBrown - 30 Apr 2013

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