AT Server Room Machines

With the impending power outage, this might be useful! Please update the details for the machines you manage.

Machine Rack Unit Notes
Core switches 1 Infra required by everything else!
beziers 1 Infra console server
barenboim 2 Infra network, ups
jochum 2 Infra network, ups
kubelik 2 Infra external routing, on bottom two UPSes
jarvi 2 Infra network infrastructure, on bottom two UPSes
curlew 2 Infra monitoring
atbslc1 2 Infra consoles, shares a UPS with curlew
mullo 2 Service test file server
cigar 2 Service web wcms.inf
paris 3 Service mirror, ups
amsterdam 4 Service mirror, ups
scrooge 4 RAT admin for biscuit (FH)
kot 4 Service turned off
scylla 4 Service AFS DB
troll 4 MPU turned off
harpy 4 MPU turned off
cyclops 4 Service turned off
dickinson 4 Other Turned off
sataboy1 5 Service disk, ups
roc + disk array 5 Service file server,ups
phoenix + disk array 5 Service file server, ups
tammy 6 Support atstaff.login
loretta 6 Support student.login
stumer 6 Service admin samba server
belly 6 Service spare machine
sonsie 6 RAT  
eejit 6 Service misc samba server
beezer 6 Service web server - and some institutes
stoater 6 Service web server - AIAI, CISA, groups.inf,etc
scunner 6 Service spare/test machine
bu 6 Support turned off
panther 6 Infra KDC, ups
osprey 6 Infra cosign, ups
darwin 6 Infra dns, ups
levine 6 Infra VPN, ups
basilisk 6 Infra turned off
barrett 6 Infra KDC, ups
franklin 7 Infra LDAP, ups
mac1 7 Other DCC carwyn will shutdown, I'll unplug
mac2 7 Other DCC and then turn on again on Sunday
methven 7 RAT  
ossian 7 RAT  
orator 7 RAT  
bass 7 RAT  
linotype 7 Service print server
glenlossie 7 Other turned off (ANC)
G3GHB2J 7 Unit... turned off
lanel 7 Service web server homepages.inf wiki.inf
rydell 7 Service
disks array 7 Support attached to glenlossie - turned off
sannox 7 Support RT server, UPS
ntrac 7 Other see RT 25845, will be halted by user
ntrac2 7 Other see RT 25845, we can turn them off
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