Setting/unsetting the AT server room alarm

The written instructions in the AT server room which describe how to operate the alarm contain some ambiguities. To try to make the position clear, here is how the alarm should work for Informatics staff:


1. Unsetting the alarm on entry to the room

At the alarm keypad, type:

  'tick' symbol

The 01 means 'unset'; the 2 is the area code for the main server room.

2. Setting the alarm on exit from the room

At the alarm keypad, type:

   'tick' symbol

What happens next depends on whether or not the alarm has currently also been unset (by IS staff) for area codes other than 2. There are two cases:

  1. IS staff are working in one of the 'back' rooms, and have currently unset the alarm for those rooms

    In this case, the screen will then display (only)


    If this happens, just leave the room without doing anything else to the alarm.

    (For info: the keypad will timeout to its normal state after a minute. It's possible to manually return the keypad to its normal state by entering 'cross' symbol followed by 'tick' symbol, but this isn't necessary.)

  2. Nobody is in any of the 'back' rooms; the alarm has currently been unset for the main room only

    In this case, the alarm will be immediately set, and the screen will start to show the countdown from 30 seconds. There is nothing else to do: leave the room.

-- IanDurkacz - 09 Mar 2011

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