Infrastructure Unit kit in Appleton Tower

It is intended that almost all Infrastructure Unit kit in AT will shut itself down as necessary under UPS control, and restart automatically after the power is restored. The exception will be the kerberos master (basilisk), which will be turned off on the Friday afternoon; this should only affect password changes and machine installations.

As well as the kit in the AT basement server room, listed separately at ATServerRoomMachines, the Infrastructure Unit also has switches and wireless access points on all the Informatics floors.

The switches and some of the APs are also on UPSes, and would be expected to keep running for a couple of hours or so after the building power goes off.

Note that all the Infrastructure Unit UPSes are set so that if one turns off due to its battery discharging then it will not turn the load back on again until the recharge level has reached 15%. This is to protect the equipment against "false" power returns.

BP and FH

There is a knock-on effect on BP and FH as a result of the AT EdLAN router going down. BP is connected to the AT router, and though there is a backup link to one of our own switches in AT, that won't help if our power is off too. There aren't enough spare fibre pairs between AT and FH that we could consider re-homing the redundant link -- if we connect BP to FH we would lose redundancy for AT.

The tertiary redundant path between AT and KB over the SRIF network isn't likely to help, as the central-area SRIF router is also in AT basement and any power outage that affected us and EdLAN at AT would almost certainly affect it too!

FH isn't so affected, as it is connected to the RB EdLAN router. Its external traffic is currently routed by AT5, though, so as things stand that would be affected. We'll throw the switch first thing on Friday, though, so that external traffic travels over subnet .160, routed at KB.

-- GeorgeRoss - 07 Sep 2006

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