AT Power Off Details

I thought it would be a good idea to have a central place where we can note all the possible fallout from the Appleton Tower Power Off on Saturday 16th Sept.

The actual alert message is here ATPowerOffAlert (or will be when I find it).

I've done a quick inventory of all the machines in the ATServerRoomMachines. I've filled out which unit I think is responsible for what machine, but please check and fillout any missing details.

Rather than contending too much over a single page, how about Unit specific pages to track the fallout and possible work arounds planned? We should then put this altogether for the users to see.

Note that BP will also be disconnected from the outside world for a couple of short (we hope!) periods at the start and the end of the work. This is to allow EUCS to connect the EdLAN router to a temporary power supply.

Forrest Hill should be mostly unaffected, other than by the loss of services located elsewhere. However, in order to prevent likely breaks in external (off-EdLAN) connectivity, the site's external routers will be reconfigured first thing on Friday and reset first thing on Tuesday.

Neil -- NeilBrown - 07 Sep 2006

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