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Health & Safety

  • 7.11 Window stop in middle window on northern side of 7.11 keeps detaching and is clearly broken. The resulting window is a safety hazrd.
  • 7.11 Window handle broken in middle window on far away window on south side of room.


  • Right-hand door of double-door - main entrance to area - is very stiff to open. Faulty door closer? Fouling on carpet? ...?

  • 7.12a two missing floor box covers
  • 7.12a a door stop behind the door will avoid the inevitable "door handle through the plaster-board".
  • 7.12a can the left hand roller blind draw string be moved from the left side to the right of the blind, so it is near the air vents in the middle of the window.

  • 7.12b door 'sticks' shut.
  • 7.12b door handle "slack", doesn't return when depressed.
  • 7.12b floor boxes damaged throughout, one missing carpet, power sockets loose within
  • 7.12b has no AC thermostat / control unit - it's in 7.12a!
  • 7.12b west roller blind - winding cord is on the wrong side (should be on RHS)
  • 7.12b floor is dusty, dirty and stained

  • 7.10b (comms cupboard) door not latching closed

  • 7.10 door very stiff to open
  • 7.10 top-right window does not close properly, it's freezing!

  • 7.09A door a bit "sticky" to open and close - scrapes carpet tiles
  • 7.09A south floorbox - one switch can't be turned off
  • 7.09A north floorbox - manky
  • 7.09A a small number of stained tiles
  • 7.09A window winder sounds like there's a ball bearing loose in side

  • 7.09b - timc - middle window handle locked so can't be rotated to close and lock
  • 7.09b - timc - stained ceiling tile (leak?)
  • 7.09b - timc - wall a/c control now has power but does nothing but intermittently show 888
  • 7.09b - timc - office door handle loose
  • 7.09b - timc - screw under carpet tile needs properly screwed down to fix raised area
  • 7.09b - timc - base of door scrapes carpet tiles and will damage
  • 7.09b - timc - minor floor box damage

  • 7.08 - iainr door sticks

  • Missing water cooler in kitchen

  • Keys for (some) offices are missing
    • 7.12b now has full set


  • 7.06b - whiteboard required.
  • 7.08 - iainr under desk cable tray has been ripped out and is unusable.
  • 7.08 - iainr missing 40x80 desk height pedestal.
  • 7.08 - new person - wheeled, 40x60, desk height pedestal (with keys)

  • 7.09A - ascobie - missing 80x80 table, coatstand and 2 white boards. Took 2 pedestals from Level 3 open area, two stacking chairs from Level 7 open area and one brown 120x80 table (temporarily!)

  • 7.09b - timc - missing 1 white board
  • 7.09b - timc - missing 1 low round table with 2 easy chairs
  • 7.09b - timc - missing 1 desk chair, using one from lobby
  • 7.09b - timc - missing coat hook/stand

  • 7.10 - 2 whiteboards required

  • 7.11 - joxley: Desk (moved from Wilkie building) sagging and visibly bent - needs to be replaced. Missing 80cm pedestal.
  • 7.11 - idurkacz: wrong-handed desk (also assembled in the incorrect orientation); damaged desk extension which needs to be replaced; missing 60cm pedestal (to be located under desk as per planning diagrams.)
  • 7.11 - roger: missing desk extension
  • 7.11 - carol: cable tray under desk (moved from Wilkie building) completely broken.

  • 7.11 - We need book-shelves and/or bookcases.

  • 7.12a - neilb missing chair. helped myself to one of the bagged new ones in the lobby
  • 7.12a - gordonr - bookcase requires shelf supports x 8

  • 7.12b - gdutton - whiteboard please
  • 7.12b - gdutton desk is bowed in middle, adjustment doesn't help, assumed damaged/broken but not willing to attempt another replacement!
  • 7.12b - cc - my chair is missing a castor so I've taken a new chair
  • 7.12b - cc - the tall bookcase moved from WB-G.02 is missing all its metal shelf supports.

  • Open areas - whiteboards
  • Open areas - seating furniture needs a good clean. extra desks, pedestals, etc need removed. Book cases, sofas, stools, round table, bench to remain.


  • Missing network cables of suitable length (for desktops and phones) throughout.


  • 7.09b - timc - radiator missing thermostat

  • 7.10 - radiator thermostat stuck "on"?

  • 7.11- radiator missing thermostat

  • 7.12a - radiator missing thermostat

  • 7.12b - both radiators are missing the usual numbered thermostatic control knob


  • 7.11 - no dimmers on the light switches... do any offices have dimmers?

  • 7.12b PIR uncontrollable -- disconnected, lighting works as intended, thanks!

  • 7.18 open area - one light tube out right hand side ust inside entrance to computing staff area


  • Level 6 toilets are in need of attention!
  • Level 7, 5 toilets barely adequate or inadequate, broken seats, locks, damaged walls, doors, poor airflow, etc.
  • post-refit L7, L9 toilets lack bins and hand towels (forum-issues #87024 covers L7)
  • L9 toilets: panelling beneath soap dispenser apparently not waterproof: peeling already!

  • Carpets (except where new) need deep clean - bird droppings amongst the stains, so presumably H&S issue.

  • Mail in/out trays
    • Wilkie occupants should probably take their took some old trays

-- NeilBrown - 05 Sep 2017

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