Nexsan ATAbeast/boy Hardware

There is an old nuggets page regarding the Nexsan hardware, which you might want to check for differences, but this page is far more up-to-date.

Hostname Prefix Manu -
Model Serial No. Purchased Warranty till Contract No. Storage Location Comment
ALL OUT OF SEVICE kbe2 Dot Hill R/Evolution DHSIFRE-0933D89054   StorTrec 22/12/2017 DOT-001352000 24 x 1TB JCMB-1305 1 controller + 1 JBOD. Turned off, disks wiped
IFe2 Dot Hill R/Evolution 3000 Series DHSIBSH-13501A68C3 -head
DHSIBSH-15171E3E5D -jbod
DHSIBSH-152325C960 -jbod
1/4/2014 31/3/2020
DOT-001542000 12 x 4TB
2 x 12 x 4TB
IF-B.02 2 controllers DH3730 Dothill 3004 + 2xJBOD 4TB - was kbevo3 - wiped and junked
ife3 Dot Hill R/Evolution 3000 Series DHSIBSH-1324192008 14/6/2013 11/6/2018 DOT-001097000 12 x 3TB IF-B.02 2 controllers DH3730 + 4TB JBOD. Off wiped
ife4 Dot Hill R/Evolution 3000 Series DHSIBSH-132415DF37 14/6/2013 11/6/2018 DOT-001095000 12 x 3TB
36 x 2TB
IF-B.02 2 controllers DH3730 + 3x2T JBODs. Off kbn2 Nexsan SATAboy 3000262 2/2/2006 NCE 102119? 8 x 500GB
6 x 1TB
JCMB-1305 Disks wiped. To junk
(was ifevo2)
kbe2 Dot Hill R/Evolution DHSIFRE-0927D84EA3   expired DOT-000816000 12 x 1TB JCMB-1305 2 controllers.Disks wiped. To junk
  Nexsan ATAboy2f 003A0693 20/10/2003 NCE -expired 2009 102453 14 x 250GB IF-B.03 3TB NOTE we are deliberately running an older firmware due to lockup problems with 5r41
Powered off
kbe1 Dot Hill R/Evolution DHSIFRE-0825D5689E   Dothill   12 x 1TB JCMB-1305 2 controllers, disk 0.9 fault. Wiped.
1TB JBOD, was at KB
Now in IF server room as spares
NA Dothill JBOD         12x1TB IF-SR 2 disks removed and used for spares
Moved to AT as DR kit. Currently turned off
ifn1 Nexsan ATAbeast 013B085D 24/11/2003 NCE - expired 102124 28 x 250GB
14 x 400GB
AT-B.Server 10TB
Alastair's test box
ifn2 Nexsan SATAblade 0152048C   no warranty   8 x 400GB IF-B.02 Alastair test thing
disconnected and turned off
ifn3 Nexsan ATAbeast 0141090C   NCE - expired 102127 42 x 250GB IF-B.03 In stores, scavanged for disks
ifn5 Nexsan ATAboy2x 015B0909 2005-11-28 expired   14 x 400GB IF-B.02 Was ECB now being used by MPU for VM storage
(Testing only)
ife1 Dot Hill R/Evolution DHSIFRE-0828D53878   Dothill - expired CP/HAM/1450 22 x 1TB IF-B.02 2 controllers ifn4 Nexsan SATAbeast 01784242 Aug/2007 NCE till Aug 2015 104737 28 x 750GB
IF-B.02 kbn3 Nexsan SATAbeast 0165148F   NCE till 13 Oct 2015 - po inf4671 106104 28 x 500GB
14 x 1TB
IF-B.03 24TB - April 2018 disks wiped, prior to retirement

For Dothill There is also dothill's own RT system at you need to register first. Craig and Neil have.

(Note that Connexion Point know Dot Hill hardware by code "R9002".) Update Jan 2012 Solid Systems,, have bought Connexion Point, but will continue to use the Connexion Point name. Seems like StorTrec (below) are the people to contact in all Evo cases now.

Active EVOs are now maintained by Stortrec see above table for contract nos. The ICSA Evos contracts may be in a funny state. Initial contact telephone number is 01256 810990, logs should be sent to support at

For hardware which is no longer under the original warranty, contact NCE - either by email (support at or phone 01249 813666 (they prefer phone calls, and can be slow to respond to email) to report hardware failures. . Nexsan firmware can be found at

See ServicesUnitSANDiskSpace for a table of free disk space on the various FC disk arrays. May not be as up-to-date as it could be!

The evolution SAN boxes have web interfaces eg and (there are also the "b" versions), if you have login problems, try clearing your browser's cache.

When disks fail and are replaced, I've been keeping a note of the details in /afs/ . Please update it if you're involved in a disk replacement.


Not really SAN, but storage related, disk failures under warranty should be reported via Dell phone - 0800-028-2660. Or search for "pro support". You need to have the service tag and phonetic alphabet to hand!

I was also asked to send the output of ./MegaCli64 -fwtermlog -dsply -aALL, so it might be good to have that prepared, and ready to go.

Tape Library

Our active tape library is a Spectra T680 the username and password are the same as our other SAN kit, but with the prefix kbt1. More info at ServicesUnitSpectraT680.

We have have a new Spectra Stack, its passwd has the prefix kbt2

We no longer have ServicesUnitNeo8000, ECA took it away

Serial consoles

The nexsan boxes should just be reachable via the normal console servers as "console atabeast1" for example.

The evolution SAN boxes also have serial consoles, for the Forum just "console ifevo1" (or ifevo2, but no "a" or "b"). The kbevo1 and icsa-kbevo are directly connected to nuggle and halcyon's serial ports respectively. To connect do screen /dev/ttyS0 115200. Note CTRL-A \ exits screen

See LantronixEvolutionConfiguration for more details on connecting the older evo's to the serial consoles. Newer Evos (ifevo3 and 4) don't have serial ports.

-- NeilBrown - 19 Mar 2007

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