Removing AFS User Volumes

Might want to consider this a draft until someone double checks it - neil

There should probably be a tool to do this, but until then this covers the basic steps. Assuming that the user foobar has left, or for whatever reason he needs to be deleted/removed. The LDAP and Kerberos stuff is as before, but the AFS bits are:

  • Become "super you" eg asu

  • Remove the readonly copies of the users volume, first find the location of the "RO" volumes by doing vos exam user.foobar
> vos exam user.foobar
       server partition /vicepp RW Site 
       server partition /vicepq RO Site 
       server partition /vicepp RO Site
So here we need to remove user.foobar.readonly from sphinx and phoenix, eg
> vos remove -v sphinx /vicepq user.foobar.readonly
[this command may take a few minutes to complete]
    RWrite: 536871101     ROnly: 536871102     Backup: 536871103 
    number of sites -> 4
       server partition /vicepp RW Site 
       server partition /vicepq RO Site 
       server partition /vicepp RO Site 
Trying to delete the volume 536871102 ... done
Marking the readonly volume 536871102 deleted in the VLDB
Volume 536871102 on partition /vicepq server deleted
Repeat this for the remaining "RO" sites. Perhaps also check with "vos exam" that the disappearing ROs are being correctly recorded.

  • Before we remove the actual user volume we need to unmount them from the AFS tree. The only two places we expect these to be are /afs/ and /afs/ Do
    • fs rmmount /afs/ [probably not strictly necessary as you're about to zap the RW anyway]
    • fs rmmount /afs/ - Note the leading "." (dot) in front of

  • update the RO copes of the udir.f vos release udir.f - "udir.f" because we have changed .../user/f/

  • then actually remove foobar's RW user volume vos remove -v phoenix /vicepp user.foobar

  • If you've successfully removed all traces of user.foobar, then vos exam user.foobar should come back "VLDB: no such entry"

  • finally remove foobar from the pts database pts delete foobar . Only do this if you are also removing foobar from LDAP.


-- NeilBrown - 22 Nov 2013

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