Moving partitions between servers

Sometimes it is useful to move SAN mounted AFS partitions between servers, or possibly even physical disks. In either of these events, a volume "foo" previously on server A /vicepx may end up on server B /vicepy. If you need/want to be able to do this, then follow the steps below, obviously it can't be done without some down time for the affected volumes, and usually also some downtime on any volumes on the source and destination servers, but this is usually minimal.

After some Googling and chats in the OpenAFS chat room. These are the steps to do to move vicep's from server A to B (and having the volumes they contain move too).

  • Shutdown A
  • Disconnect partitions from A and attach them to B (they don't have to use the same vicep name as when on A).
  • Restart A (without the moved vicep's) - this is to keep clients happy for the next 2 hours, after which A can be turned off (if it has no more volumes)
  • Restart file server on B (if you need to)
  • vos syncvldb -server B
  • vos syncvldb -server A
  • vos syncserv -server B
  • vos syncserv -server A
  • Double check that the vldb records things where they should be.
  • that's it. Any problems with clients not finding the new location of the volumes should be solved by "fs checkvolumes" on the affected client.

If server A has died unexpectedly, and is unrecoverable, you can still do the above and mount A's vicep's on a different machine(s), just that the "vos -server A" stuff won't work, and there may/will be time out issues with clients accessing the moved volumes. So if possible bringing A back (even without volumes) is best.

-- NeilBrown - 29 Apr 2013

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