Installing a new AFS server

installing a new AFS server is fairly straightforward and will hopefully become even more so when the new AFS component comes into service. For the moment the procedure is:

  • Add the line afs.server    true to the new server's profile
  • Copy the contents of the /usr/afs/etc directory on an existing server to the new server in the most secure manner you can envisage.
  • On the new server run the afs-server init script
/etc/init.d/afs-server start
  • Run bos status <newservername> on any DICE machine. If it returns without any error messages, bosserver has successfully started on the new server

What happens next depends on whether you are installing a new file server or database server

File Server

  • On any dice machine using your AFS admin credentials, run the following command to start up the file server:
bos create -server <newservername> -instance fs -type fs -cmd \
"/usr/afs/bin/fileserver -L -p 23 -rxpck 400 -busyat 600 -s 1200 -l 1200 -cb 65535 -b 240 -vc 1200 -allow-dotted-principals" \ "/usr/afs/bin/volserver -p 16 -allow-dotted-principals" \ 
"/usr/afs/bin/salvager -parallel all5"

  • run bos status <newservername> once more. it should return:
Instance fs, currently running normally.
    Auxiliary status is: file server running.

  • Mount the storage to be used by the new file server as /vicepa, /vicepb etc. On any Dice machine, run the command
bos restart <server name> -all This will restart the file server and get it to recognise the new storage.

  • Run the command
vos listpart <server name> to make sure the new storage has been recognised

Database Server

  • On any dice machine using your AFS admin credentials, run the following command to start up the ptserver

bos create <dbserver> ptserver simple '/usr/afs/bin/ptserver -allow-dotted-principals' -cell

  • Check the ptserver is running, and has cast its yes vote with the command
udebug <server name> 7002
  • Once it's voted, make sure that the database versions between the new server, and an existing one match
  • Add the vlserver using
bos create <server name> vlserver simple '/usr/afs/bin/vlserver -allow-dotted-principals' -cell

  • Check that the vlserver is running, and has correctly synced databases as before:

udebug <server name> 7003

-- CraigStrachan - 07 Oct 2009

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