AFS and local homedirectories

The Problem

Until the advent of AFS, DICE users had the homeDirectory attribute of their LDAP entries set to /home/< username> with the gory details where /home/username actually pointed to being left up to the automounter or the individual machine in the case of local home directories. Currently, AFS users have the path to their home directory in AFS filespace in their homeDirectory attribute which causes problems when a host is not a AFS client or wishes to use local home directories.

The Solution

We propose the creation of a LDAP auxiliary object class, AFSUser. This will have (for the moment anyway) a single required attribute, afsHomeDirectory, which will contain the path to the user's home directory in AFS filespace. The homeDirectory attribute of AFS users will be set back to /home/< username>.

Hosts which wish to use network home directories and are AFS clients will have their nss_ldap configuration files amended to use the afsHomeDirectory attribute, if it exists, as the location of the user's home directory. Machines with local home directories or which are not AFS clients will have their nss_ldap configurations unchanged.

Aside 1

Creating an auxiliary object class for AFS users is something we will want to do anyway if we wish to move to using LDAP to backend the protection information rather than ptserver.

Aside 2

We would like to move away from the assumption that a user's home directory is located at /home/. Though this may be valid within Informatics, one of the advantages of AFS is that the user's home directory is accessable from outside Informatics. This only holds true if the user knows the pathname in AFS filespace to their home directory.

-- CraigStrachan - 03 Apr 2006

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