Running AFS on DICE FC3

This is fairly straightforward, as most the of the heavy lifting is done via LCFG and DNS.

  • Include dice/options/afs-client.h in your machine's profile
  • Wait for the LCFG to propagate
  • om updaterpms run
  • om afs start

If this doesn't work, check your kernel version matches the version in the OpenAFS header file. You may also run into problems if your machine has a new kernel installed, but hasn't yet rebooted (in this case, the set of installed modules won't match the running kernel, and things just won't work)

You can customise assorted cache parameters through LCFG. In particular, things can be made faster if the cache is on a seperate partition. See man lcfg-afs for the gory details.

-- SimonWilkinson - 07 Jun 2005

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