Craig's Holiday Brain Dump

This page is a dumping ground for information regarding server useage and availabity which would be better more widely available than the inside of Craig's scull, especially since the aforementioned skull is going to be overseas for the next couple of weeks.

File Servers

Currently we have three AFS file servers in service, phoenix, har (make sure to always use the alias har-afs) and salamander. Sphinx is also running the fileserver and has a 50GB vicepa partition available but is not currently being used for anything. There's no reason for not using this space now that the SATAbeast can be brought into service.


The following partitions are currently in use

Server name Size % Free Usage Notes
phoenix vicepa 50GB 30 mostly user volumes
phoenix vicepb 50GB 36 user volumes
har vicepa 50GB 64 Mirror Volumes Can only be used for research and mirror volumes
har vicepb 50GB 100 None
salamander vicepb 18GB 98 Mirror Volumes Non-RAIDed file space
salamander vicepc 18GB 100 None Non-RAIDed file space
salamander vicepd 72GB 24 Mirror Volumes Non-RAIDed file space
salamander vicepf 36GB 44 group.AIAI Non-RAIDed file space
salamander vicepg 36GB 94 group.CISA Non-RAIDed file space
salamander viceph 36GB 100 None Non-RAIDed file space

No new volumes should be created on Salamander. We will hopefully shortly move the data on salamander to RAIDed disk space and take salamander out of service as an AFS server.

There is now a script called running on cyclops which should mail out a warning to afs-project@inf if the free space on any afs partition drops below 10%. In the event that more AFS file space is ungently needed, new partitions should be created on sphinx or phoenix.

-- CraigStrachan - 01 Sep 2006

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