Packaging Research & Teaching Software for Fedora - Final Report

This project consisted of two stages:

  • Take an existing package that has no other external maintenance support and clean it up to meet Fedora packaging guidelines. Use the package to become an official Fedora packager.
  • Document the packaging process for others to follow.

Become Fedora Packager

We took prover9 (originally LADR) and re-packaged to Fedora conventions. This took longer than expected because of a number of finer points to do with the packaging process and the need to incorporate comments from reviewers. The review process itself took a number of months but accrued time was probably only a few days.

Produce Documentation

There is now a comprehensive packaging document that was CSO reviewed. It will need to be maintained (the packaging guidelines change from time to time).

Time Taken

Project time alone did not really justify a development project (one FTE week), however effort from the CSO's in reading and trying out packaging software is not included in this, nor was effort done before the actual project start so the time accrued is probably more like two FTE weeks in total.


While the core work of the project is complete there is ongoing work in the background that needs to proceed:

  • maintenance of packaging documentation
  • more of the computing staff to become Fedora packagers
  • more work by CSOs to (re)package our existing software so it can be moved upstream

-- TimColles - 31 Aug 2009

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