Changes to Database-Generated Roles, 2011

As discussed at 3gRolesAccounts20110817 the following changes will be made to database-generated roles when Prometheus moves to using the '3g' database feed from Theon.

Easy Summary:

  • All "class-*" roles will disappear for all students.
  • All "year-*" roles will disappear except for "year-ug[12345] and year-msc" which will be generated per-student as before.
  • All "old-degree-*" roles will disappear for all students pre-dating 2011 intake.
  • All other student related roles ("[[old|new]-]degree-*", "module-*") are retained as-is for now.
  • The 3g feed has no effect on staff and staff related roles - these remain sourced from 2g.

Slightly more detail:

Role(s): Change Affected Comment
Holders Entitlements Services
class-* Deleted all None known None known Class is no longer meaningful in Informatics, anyway; use year-ug*
year-{ai,cs,cg}* Deleted all None known None known Similar to class, these are no longer meaningful, anyway; use ug*.
year-{ug*,msc} Unaffected n/a n/a n/a
old-degree-* Temporarily missing Pre-2011-intake students None Known home dir quotas, some ability to login These will return but not until after start of AY.
{tutor,demonstrator,ta}-* Partial removal No-longer-entitled users ? ? This is more of a cleanup than a change. Those who required these roles will receive them as part of the new session's allocation process.
new-degree-* Unaffected n/a n/a n/a While other changes are planned they will not be implemented before a formal review of roles and management has taken place.

This list details the systematic changes being made. Glitches affecting individual students or members of staff are possible and will be fixable by frontline support or RAT unit .


Ross' summary of the entitlements currently being granted / inherited follows:

- all inherit the appropriate @year- role

- all inherit the equivalent @year-ug role
year- msc which gets
- @inactive-person
- @homepagesuser
- @matlabclassroom
- printing/colour/print
- web/blog/create

- @inactive-person
- @matlabclassroom
- @homepagesuser (ug3, ug4, ug5 only )
- @homepageswebuser (ug1, ug2 only)
- @atl3console (ug1 only)
- printing/colour/print (ug4 & 5 only)

Usually empty except
tutor-[ads | ai2a | ai2b | ar-v | cp1 | ct | fps | gagp | inf1b | km | pmr-v | sdp | seoc]
- @inactive-person
- @submit ( cp1 only )
- web/wwwinf/inf1staff (inf1b only)
- web/wwwinf/inf2dstaff (inf2d only)
- web/wwwinf/sdpstaff (sdp only)

Usually empty except
demonstrator-[cp1 | iar-4 | inf1b | ivr | cs1 | cs1ah | cs1bh | hc1h]
- @inactive-person (cp1, iar-4, inf1b , ivr only)
- @atl3console (cs, cs1ah, cs1bh, hc1h only)
- group/iar (iar-4 only)
- login/teaching/iar (iar-4 only)
- web/wwwinf/inf1staff (inf1b only)

- @inactive-person
- @submit

Usually empty except
ta-[cfcs1 | comn | cs2a | cs2b | hci-4 | hci-5 | icl | icl-v | ijp | inf1a | inf1b | inf1-cl |
inf1-fp | ai2b | aile-4 | aile-5 | ta-ar-4 | ta-ar-4-v | ta-ar-5 | fmcs1 | ip]
- @ta
- @inactive-person (ai2b, aile-4, aile-5, ta-ar-4, ta-ar-4-v, ta-ar-5, fmcs1, ip  only)
- web/wwwinf/inf1staff (inf1b only)

"degree-"  (typo?)

- @active-person
- @student
- @homepagesuser (csmscres,  ext, extphd, mphil, mscnro,  mscres, csmscres, phd,  phdpub only)
- @homepageswebuser (infvisug only)
- @atl3console (phd, phdpub only)
- login/staffssh/remote (aimphil, csmscres, extphd, mphil,  mscnro, mscres, csmscres,  phd,
phdpub only)
- printing/eucs/print (aimphil, csmscres, mphil, mscnro, mscres, csmscres, phd, phdpub only)
- printing/colour/print (aimphil,  csmscres, eimsc, mphil,  mscnro,  mscres, phd, phdpub only)
- login/phdmachines/console (extphd, mphil ,phd, phdpub only)
- web/blog/create (phd only)
- web/wwwinf/isdd (phd only)

- @inactive-person
- @homepagesuser (ad)
-  db/pgteach/user (ad, adbs, adbs-4 only, adbs-5, dbs, dbs-v, ec, ec-v, inf1b)
-  login/lfdcs/remote (dme)
-  login/hadoop/remote (exc)
- @beowulfuser (exe)
- printing/colour/print (ijp-v)
- @year-ug1 (inf1a, inf1b, year-ug1, inf1-da, inf1-dc, inf1-fp, inf1-op)
- @year-ug2 (inf2a, inf2b, inf2c, inf2d)
- web/wwwinf/irm (irm-4, irm-4-v, irm-5)
- @colourprinting (sdp)
- group/module-sdp (sdp)

- @active-person
- @new-student
- @homepageswebuser (ext)
- @homepagesuser (mphil, mscres, phd)
- login/phdmachines/console  (mphil, phd)
- @atl3console (phd)

- all

- @active-person
- @homepageswebuser
- afs/loc/staff

- afs/loc/student
- afs/undercommit
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