This meeting came about because of planned changes to the roles the 3g database introduces and will be propagated once the prometheus 3g database feed is introduced. It was widened into a general 3g feed/role management/new accounts discussion.

Present: gdutton, alisond, neilb, cms, toby

Prometheus 3g feed

The prometheus 3g database feed is ready to be switched on. Once running, it will work with the current 2g feed in the following way:

  • 2g and 3g infdb conduits will both run
  • any user seen by the 3g conduit will then be ignored by the 2g conduit

We hope to enable this feed by the end of August at the very latest. For this to happen, we need to make sure that (1) any implications of 3g roles changes are considered, and (2) there is enough disk space for new student accounts.

3g role changes

The rat-unit will produce a wiki page which summarises role changes which the 3g feed will introduce.

There was some discussion on how roles/entitlements should be managed, with an acceptance that there is perhaps no right way to do this. It is expected that, in the longer term, Devproj #197 will help.

In the short term, it will be up to the individual units to check/modify the roles/entitlements provision for the services which they provide. There is a risk that some things may fall through the cracks, so we may look at the best ways of detecting such issues.

Disk space

Switching on the 3g feed would mean the creation of approximately 350 new accounts (mostly new students). The services-unit will make the appropriate amount of disk space available and advise inf-unit accordingly.

From Craig's mail:

The list of partitions which Prometheus
can use to create home directory volumes is set in


on reeves. Grep for SyncToAFSVL in that file to find the exact place.

The format is

--partiton "<type of user who can be put on this partition> <RW partition>; <RO partition> [undercommit]"

(where undercommit means don't overload the partition).
-- TobyBlake - 17 Aug 2011
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