Resourced projects for 2013 T3 (September to December)

Currently active projects

Existing projects which have been allocated further effort in T3.

Project details Project title
112 School Database revamp
207 School DB revamp - phase 2B
75 Prometheus
164 Prometheus - Services unit
182 Account reconciliation
228 ISS misc development (eg reports)
293 IGS misc development (eg reports)
168 Password strength checks
205 Webmark Reform
256 VM/Cloud survey
269 Redevelop School inventory
225 LCFG client component cleanup
239 Virtualised DICE image trial
262 Prometheus Lifecycle code design
267 OpenLDAP DICE client configuration
268 Investigate AFS on ECDF storage
226 Upgrade core inf server to SVN from CVS
272 Production GIT service
278 Shared Academic Timetabling display
194 Data archiving - produce report

New project proposals for T3

New projects which have been allocated effort in T3.

Project details Project title
290 Research data audit
270 Project Submission
287 Securing Web Servers
243 Webspace to AFS
274 LCFG Client - further cleanup
289 Evaluate moving LCFG config to Git
264 MPU wee projects bundle
292 Produce a not-a-service for trialling
279 Examine options for two factor authentication
102 Intrusion Detection System
NEW Touchscreens - Media and System Status
NEW Firewall Hole Monitoring

-- TimColles - 07 Oct 2013

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